Many footballers expressed their solidarity with Gaza and their rejection of the Israeli aggression, and after Mohammed Salah remained silent for a long time, he was subjected to a great criticism campaign by his fans, who were waiting for him to take advantage of his fame and support the Palestinians and make their voice heard to the world.

But after days of attacks and criticism that Salah was subjected to by activists and his fans for remaining silent despite everything that the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are subjected to at the hands of the Israeli war machine, Mohamed Salah chose the Red Crescent Foundation in Egypt to announce his position on the Israeli massacres committed in Gaza, where the Red Crescent announced Salah's donation of a large amount of money for the victims of the Gaza Strip, without disclosing the value of the donations, and 13 days after the bombing began. Salah posted a video in English expressing his support for the Palestinian citizens of Gaza.

Mohamed Salah said in the video: "It's not easy to talk in times like this, we have seen a lot of violence and cruelty. The escalation in recent weeks is intolerable, the lives of all human beings are sacred and must be protected, the massacres must stop."

Salah also sent a message to world rulers, asking them to join hands to stop the bloodshed: "Humanitarian aid must reach Gaza, people there are living in horrific conditions, scenes from the hospital yesterday were terrifying, the people of Gaza are in urgent need of food and medical equipment, I appeal to world leaders to gather and prevent further massacres of innocent people."

The video went viral, with more than 115 million views on X and more than 30 million views on Instagram, and the program "Shabakat" (2023/10/19) followed the interactions of tweeters on Mohamed Salah's video.

Wide interaction

Among the comments monitored by the program was Mohammed al-Qahtani's tweet, in which he said: "I think this message of hiss is more beneficial to the people of Gaza. Because it will be more acceptable and circulated among Western peoples."

Rashid Ghulam said the video did not contain a real victory for the Palestinian cause, writing: "A cold, public appeal floating... Without telling the truth, advocating for a cause, defending the oppressed, not condemning an oppressor and a serial killer, without identity, affiliation or authenticity that resembles the word of a social activist from the residents of Hondras, but the position of the people of Hondras is stronger and more honorable than this."

On the other hand, activist Abdullah believed that Salah's video will not liberate Palestine and commented: "I mean, many strangers from the Arab peoples are waiting for someone to speak until you win, I mean, if Salah speaks and does not speak, what will he offer or delay? Strange thinkers Salah will liberate Palestine."

For her part, Zahraa considered that Mohamed Salah does not have to harm his future and wrote: "It is not necessary by the way to harm himself, the cause of Palestine everyone offers help in his own way is a donation and when people demanded to speak he came out spoke .. He doesn't have to speak words that satisfy you and harm his future!"

As for Nayyar, he wonders if the video is produced by artificial intelligence. He says: "Oh group, why does he blink the length of the video, he can blink once, and his situation is strange, as if he is under threat."

Some tweeters believe that Salah's delay is due to fear of sanctions against Arab athletes in the West after expressing solidarity, as German club Mainz terminated the contract of Dutch player of Moroccan origin Anwar El Ghazi because of a Facebook post in solidarity with Palestine.

A tweet by Frenchman of Algerian origin Karim Benzema also ignited social media and sparked controversy within France, and his tweet was enough to launch a scathing attack on Benzema.