Zhongxin Wanghai, October 10 (Reporter Li Shuzheng) "That's right, it's him! Looking at the man in front of him, although he was black and thin, but his facial features were highly consistent with the photos hanging on the wall of the CPS office decades ago, Weng Yiyi, a police officer of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Jinshan Branch of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau, determined that he was the murderer that the task force had been unremittingly pursuing for 19 years.

At about 1989:4 on April 1, 20, Cao Mou, a villager from the vegetable team 40 in Zhujing Township, Jinshan County, Shanghai, reported to the police in a panic: a strange female corpse was found in the cottage at home, and the original tenant was nowhere to be found.

The police rushed to the scene immediately after receiving the report. After on-site investigation, the police found obvious pinching marks on the neck of the deceased, confirming that he died of mechanical suffocation caused by external force on the neck. In the bicycle basket parked in front of the door, the police found an identity card. Based on a large number of visits and investigations, the police determined that the identity of the deceased was Wang Mouzhu, 32 years old, from Jinshan, Shanghai.

According to the informant Cao, the house was rented to Chen in the same village before the incident, but after the crime, many contacts could not find him. The police investigation found that Chen Moufang and the deceased Wang Mouzhu were lovers and were suspected of committing a major crime. At this time, Chen's party had already fled, and although the special case team tried its best to pursue the escape, due to the technical conditions and objective factors at that time, no substantial progress was made in solving the case.

In the past 34 years, Jinshan has withdrawn the county and set up districts, and the police of the special case team of that year have all retired, but the case files and physical evidence have always been carefully preserved, and this case has always been listed as a key case by the Jinshan police, and generations of Jinshan criminal police have never stopped pursuing Chen.

In 1995, the special case team chased Chen Moufang online, constantly collected clues about his absconding, and successively searched in more than 20 provinces and cities across the country, including Shaoxing in Zhejiang and Fujian, accumulating more than 20 case files, but Chen seemed to have evaporated from the world.

In 2019, when the Jinshan police were looking for Chen Moufang's escape track in Fujian, they learned that there was a local man with a high resemblance to Chen Moufang, who was chased by the police. I originally thought that this person was a native of Fujian, but he had the same name and surname and similar appearance.

The police were not discouraged, and the efforts of generations of police officers and the development of criminal science and technology finally made a major breakthrough in this homicide case that had been hanging for 34 years.

On August 2023, 8, when the Criminal Investigation Corps of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau sent a working group to Jiangxi, Fujian and other provinces to tackle the backlog of murder cases, Qu Hongwei, a police officer from the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Jinshan Branch, accompanied him. In Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, he used new criminal investigation technology to successfully compare a man in Guangfeng District, a local area, who is likely to be the person the task force has been looking for.

With the overall coordination of the Criminal Investigation Corps of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau and the strong support and cooperation of the Shangrao police, the working group found through in-depth analysis and judgment, investigation and visits, and video tracking that the man came to the local area more than 10 years ago and lived with a local woman so far.

This person has serious suspicions! The task force immediately decided to promptly conduct verification and screening.

"In the past 34 years, Chen has not spoken to his family once on the phone, nor has he used a bank card, we have sorted out all his social relationships, and there are no clues related to Jiangxi." Ruan Fangming, deputy head of the criminal investigation detachment of the Jinshan Subbureau, believes that this person has a strong sense of anti-investigation, cannot scare snakes, and must formulate a careful arrest plan, and it must be fast.

The special case team comprehensively analyzed the man's daily routine and behavior trajectory, and formulated an arrest plan and backup plan. At about 2023 o'clock on August 8, 30, the special case team successfully arrested the suspect man in a private house in Shangrao City.

At about 2023 o'clock on August 8, 30, the special case team successfully arrested the suspect man in a private house in Shangrao City. Photo courtesy of Shanghai Jinshan Branch

"What's your name?" Weng Yixin, a police officer of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Jinshan Branch, deliberately questioned the man in Jinshan dialect, saw him suddenly hesitate, and then his eyes dodged, and only after a few seconds did he answer in Mandarin: "I am Yu Zhonglin." ”

At this time, Weng Yixin had confirmed that this was Chen Moufang! "The Jinshan dialect is very different from the Jiangxi dialect, and his answer means that he can understand it." Sitting in the interrogation room of the public security organ, the 66-year-old man's psychological defense was finally completely broken and his head was buried deeply.

According to Chen's account, he and the deceased Wang Mouzhu were indeed lovers, and the two had economic disputes when they did business together. On the night of the incident, Wang Mouzhu came to Chen Moufang's cottage rented in Zhujing Township, and the two had a fierce dispute again. During the quarrel, Chen strangled Wang Mouzhu to death, moved the body to the bed, covered the quilt and pretended to be mature sleeping, and then absconded in fear of crime. He fled to Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other places, and lived incognito for 34 years. (End)