It is important to have ID ready in the queue for DJ Gloria's sold-out 50-plus disco. Younger people, even 49-year-olds, are referred elsewhere.

"There are lots of young people who are DJs and go out. But there are actually quite a few of us my age who also like to dance," says Madelein Månsson.

"A lot of people haven't danced in 30 years"

Dressed in glitter and rhinestone headphones, she tours the country. The gigs start at 18 p.m. and just in time for midnight, the guests can be home in bed again.

"Many of them haven't danced in 30 years.

But this is what life would be like when she was approaching 80, Madelein could never have imagined.

"When my husband died in 2009, I was deeply depressed. I had cared for him for nine years and had no idea who I was or what I liked. So I started at a gym.

There, she eventually trained as a fitness instructor and discovered that many people liked the music she played. That's how she came into contact with a DJ who gave her private lessons.

The rest is history.

Watch DJ Gloria's 50+disco in the video above.