In an accident in which a 17-year-old girl was hit and killed by a car in the parking lot of a hospital in Kushiro City, Hokkaido on the 4th, a 77-year-old driver of a passenger car said that she "misstepped on the brake and accelerator," according to an interview with the police.

On the 17th, Okitsu Ami (4) and her 40-year-old mother were hit by a car in the parking lot of Kushiro Municipal General Hospital in Harukodai, Kushiro City, killing Akai.

The police arrested a 77-year-old driver from Nemuro City, who was driving a passenger car, but released him on the 18th because there was no risk of escape, and are voluntarily investigating on suspicion of manslaughter by negligent driving.

According to the police, at that time, the driver arrived at the hospital in a car driven by his wife to accompany his wife who was going to the hospital, and the accident occurred immediately after the wife got out of the car and changed driving.

In addition, after hitting the parent and child, they collided with a car parked in front of them, backed up and ran over the child again.

In response to the investigation, he said, "I saw a parent and child walking and tried to apply the brakes, but I accidentally stepped on the accelerator," so the police are investigating the circumstances of the accident in more detail.