【Commentary】On October 10, the 18st World Science Fiction Convention opened at the Chengdu Science Fiction Museum. This "science fiction journey" full of imagination, creativity, mystery, futurism and youthful vitality set off in Chengdu.

In the Chengdu Science Fiction Museum, the reporter saw that the on-site layout was integrated with classic science fiction works such as "Star Trek", "2001 Space Odyssey", "Doctor Who", "The Three-Body Problem" and "The Wandering Earth", and set up cultural and creative shops for fantasy fans to buy souvenirs of the conference, watch the scenery, take photos, and the snow-white giant robot dog "stupid" and other places.

The most attractive thing for the audience is the theme exhibition area, which presents classic scenes from sci-fi works such as the three-body large-scale AR art installation and the cockpit of "The Wandering Earth". The booths of sci-fi companies and institutions such as the three-body universe and the mobile game "The Wandering Earth" also attracted fans to experience and check in.

The reporter learned in the "Wandering Earth" genuine mobile game exhibition area that in addition to the display of the mechanical exoskeleton set of the genuine authorized surface rescue team of the movie "The Wandering Earth", the biggest feature of the exhibition area is the integration of Chinese sci-fi aesthetics into game creation.

Zhang Bo, founder of Shanghai Wuyunfang Meteorite Studio, who has traveled to North America, Europe, Africa and other places to find meteorites many times, also brought the lunar meteorite numbered "NWA2018" found in the Sahara Desert in 13582. Zhang Bo said that their exhibition area is mainly based on field exploration, showing a lot of "extraterrestrial visitors". Participating in this World Science Fiction Convention is also to let more people see the "gems" from aliens.

【During the same period】Zhang Bo, founder of Shanghai Wuyunfang Meteorite Studio

I think everyone has their own science fiction (dream) in their hearts, I think especially people like us who have been hunting in the wild for a long time, I think more likely we will also find a lot of inspiration from Interstellar or Star Wars, I think meteorites through this world science fiction convention is a good carrier, because few people have seen meteorites, so everyone takes this opportunity to really touch the "aliens", rather than just in science fiction or science fiction movies to see it.

In the process of the continuous development of Chinese science fiction, thanks to the magazine "Science Fiction World", more and more writers have brought the "seeds" of imagination to Chengdu, which has become a fertile soil for Chinese science fiction in the new era, and has also become the city with the strongest science fiction cultural atmosphere and the most active activities of science fiction fans in the country, a veritable "Chinese science fiction capital". Chen Yao, director of the editorial department of "Science Fiction World", told reporters that in the "Science Fiction World" exhibition area, in addition to displaying the covers of science fiction books and science fiction magazines, there are also Chinese science fiction "Galaxy Award" winners' hand models, Hugo Award winning works display, etc.

【During the same period】Chen Yao, director of the editorial department of "Science Fiction World"

Of course, the most eye-catching is the middle position, we made a special area of the three-body problem, the top is the Hugo Award trophy won by our Hugo Award "The Three-Body Problem", and then we collected all these books in the small language that the "Three-Body Problem" has published, and now there are 24 in total, and then of course, in order to dedicate this conference, we also published "Liu Cixin's Anthology", and then this book hopes to be a highlight at the exhibition of the conference, and it is also a report of our local Sichuan science fiction brand.

Ben Yalowo, member of the Brand Committee of the World Science Fiction Association and co-chairman of the 2023 Chengdu World Science Fiction Convention, expressed his hope that Chinese science fiction fans can take this opportunity to enhance exchanges with science fiction fans around the world, and hope that the world science fiction convention will be brought to the world through the science fiction fans who participate in this conference and attract more people to participate in it.

Reporter He Xi Lu Yang reported from Chengdu

Responsible Editor: [Luo Pan]