China News Network Xining, October 10 Topic: Qinghai's county with the highest forest coverage: "ecological justice + replanting and regreening", "planting" the plateau

Written by Liu Yang

In October, the "ecological restoration and replanting and regreening base" in Dongzhuang Village, Tal Town, Datong County, Xining City, Qinghai Province, was completely dyed. The vast Qinghai spruce and sea buckthorn stand on the mountains in late autumn.

The picture shows the "ecological restoration and replanting and regreening base" in Dongzhuang Village, Tal Town, Datong County, Xining City, Qinghai Province. Photo by Liu Yang

Datong County is rich in ecological resources, and the forest coverage rate has reached 43.3%, ranking first in Qinghai Province. Located in Dongzhuang Village, Taer Town, in the northeast of Datong County, it has dense mountains and forests and abundant water and grass. Its unique terrain is very suitable for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry, so most of the local residents are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry as a family unit, which is also the main source of economic income for local residents.

However, according to the reporter's understanding, at the end of 2021, the defendant Ma Moumou and six other people believed that afforestation affected villagers' grazing and drinking water, and twice obstructed the progress of the afforestation project of a seedling breeding professional cooperative in Datong County, and incited villagers in Dongzhuang Village to damage saplings and destroy fences, resulting in damage to 15.2 mu of forest land, damage to 2542,2300 seedlings, and destruction of 29909,<> meters of net fence, with direct economic losses of <>,<> yuan (RMB).

"Because ecological environment restoration is highly compatible, the restorative justice model is crucial in environmental resource adjudication." Ma Yuan, a judge of the criminal division of the Datong County People's Court, said.

In 2022, when hearing the case of Ma Moumou and six others who deliberately destroyed property (trees and surrounding fences, etc.) filed by the Chase County People's Procuratorate, the Chase County People's Court first implemented the concept of integrating the rule of law into ecological protection in environmental resource trials based on the concept put forward by the Supreme People's Court and higher courts on integrating the rule of law into ecological protection in environmental resource trials, and first implemented it, urging those responsible for violations to replant and regreen the destroyed forest land in a timely manner.

The picture shows the completion of the replanting of 2400,42 Qinghai spruce and <> sea buckthorn plants in the "Ecological Restoration and Replanting and Regreening Base". Photo by Liu Yang

"In ecological environmental protection cases, ecological damage often has the characteristics of long duration and high degree of harm, and once the right restoration time is missed, it will cause incalculable losses, and it will be difficult to achieve the purpose of environmental resources public interest litigation." Ma Yuan said, "Since all six defendants were detained in Xining No. 1 Detention Center in Qinghai Province at that time, considering the seasonal requirements of replanting and regreening and the expected effect of ecological restoration, the families of the defendants and local villagers 'performed' tree replanting and regreening and fence repair on their behalf." ”

On May 2022, 5, 7,2400 Qinghai spruce plants and 42 sea buckthorn plants were replanted. On June 6, the 8,2300-meter fence and 167 triangular iron columns were repaired.

"First implement replanting and regreening, which balances ecological restoration and interest damage to the greatest extent, and takes into account ecological restoration and economic compensation for victims." Ma Yuan said, "This is a typical case of integrating the concept of 'green water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains' into the 'pre-trial and follow-up' of case handling." ”

In July 2023, the local court set up an "ecological restoration and replanting and regreening base" in Dongzhuang Village, Tal Town, Datong County, and signed the "Ecological Environment Collaborative Protection Work Agreement (Trial)" with the Datong County Forestry and Grassland Bureau.

The picture shows the reporter coming to the "ecological restoration and replanting and regreening base" to check the replanting of 2542 seedlings. Photo by Liu Yang

"By correctly handling the relationship between 'natural restoration and artificial restoration', the Chase Court comprehensively used two methods, natural restoration and artificial restoration, and tried to find the best solution for ecological protection and restoration according to local and time conditions, zoning and categorical policies." Ma Yuan said, "This is also the original intention and purpose of the Chase Court to set up the 'Ecological Restoration and Replanting and Regreening Base' here." ”

One year after the conclusion of the case and the replanting and restoration, the magistrate once again went to the replanting and replanting area to pay a return visit to the rangers and seedling breeding staff of the Dongcha forest land on the survival rate of seedlings.

"By checking the survival of replanted trees on the spot, the survival rate has basically reached more than 85%." Jiang Qingyan, secretary of the party group and president of the Datong County People's Court, introduced.

"Cases must not only be well judged, but also well executed, and only by earnestly implementing the results of judicial judgments can our green waters and mountains be protected for a long time." Jiang Qingyan said. (End)