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Rammstein want to play again in 2024


Christoph Soeder / picture alliance / dpa

Actually, many expected that the group Rammstein would not survive this summer. After the #MeToo allegations against singer Till Lindemann, there had been speculation about a possible dissolution of the band. Now, however, the group has announced their new tour.

Concerts in stadiums

Rammstein also wants to play in stadiums next year, the musicians explained via their social media channels. The pre-sale should start soon. According to dpa information, the series of appearances will be as extensive as this year. Rammstein played around two dozen concerts in 16 European stadiums – overshadowed by accusations about a perfidious casting system around the band, which apparently served to provide lead singer Lindemann with women for sex.

Women had described situations that they sometimes found frightening. The allegations were about alcohol and loss of control and the question of whether Lindemann had abused his power over younger, female fans. SPIEGEL also reported on it in detail. Lindemann had rejected accusations against him. At the end of August, it became known that the Berlin public prosecutor's office had closed its investigations against Lindemann.

Possible spin-offs

The drummer Christoph Schneider had finally distanced himself from Lindemann. He wrote on Instagram that things had happened that he found "personally not okay". Lindemann has distanced himself from the band in recent years. He had "created his own bubble. With their own people, their own projects, their own parties. That made me sad, definitely."

Guitarist Richard Kruspe also spoke up at the end of the tour. He posted a photo of himself on stage with the cryptic statement that the future "will definitely be very different." Cooperation partners also drew consequences: KiWi Verlag ended its cooperation with Lindemann. Universal Music suspended marketing activities for the band's recordings, and the label also did not release Lindemann's solo album, which was planned for this fall.

So you had to assume that the band was seriously concerned about its survival. This has now turned out to be a projection. What the band actually says in their posts about the new concerts: Everything goes on – as if nothing had happened.