• Murcia The court is already investigating as reckless homicides the 13 deaths in the fire of the nightclubs in Murcia

Murcia is still trying to recover from one of the biggest tragedies of recent years. The fire of the Fonda and Teatre nightclubs in which 13 people died burned is focusing much of the television information. No wonder. To the pain for the death of 13 people is added that, as in other similar tragedies, the rooms operated without an activity license. And it has been in Y Ahora Sonsoles, and it has been Sonsoles Ónega that has had to stop an interview with the lawyer of the owner of the Teatre room and make it clear that the only victims are the 13 dead people and their families.

The victims were at the Fonda nightclub, owned by Juan Esteban Ramírez. The fire spread at full speed and devoured the entire premises and the adjacent ones, including the Teatre room, owned by Juan Inglés Rojo, a well-known Murcian businessman not exempt from controversy, although in this second nightclub there were no fatalities.



The 13 victims of Fonda Milagros and the pain that travels from Murcia to Nicaragua, Colombia and Ecuador: Rafa, Yosi, Rosa...

  • Writing: ANA MARÍA ORTIZ

The 13 victims of Fonda Milagros and the pain that travels from Murcia to Nicaragua, Colombia and Ecuador: Rafa, Yosi, Rosa...

Although the businessman did not want to make any public statement after the fire, it has been his lawyer José María Caballero who has been in charge of giving the explanations of his client in the television programs, including in Sonsoles Ónega. However, the explanations, justifications and concerns expressed by the lawyer during his connection with Y ahora Sonsoles have not liked a hair to the journalist who has not hesitated for a second to stop her feet and ask for more sensitivity before a tragedy of this magnitude.

The lawyer began by explaining that the license that the premises had ceased to sublet a part of the discotheque, but that it did have all the requirements to carry out its activity. The lawyer's strategy was clear: distance himself from the Fonda Milagros nightclub, where the fire started. "Proof that the conditions are met is that when this event happens in the Sala Teatre there is no type of victim or personal injury in it," he said.

"It is being posed as if Teatre was developing a clandestine activity," he continued. "He had a license, his license was lost because of that strictly formal issue. When they told him that he could not develop the activity, it was accredited that he met all the requirements stated in the cease and desist order and inspections continued to be made," Caballero insisted.


What we maintain is that Teatre has been harmed, as have been other ships in the area, "said the lawyer before the astonished look of Sonsoles Ónega from the set. Given these words and the "insensitivity" of the lawyer, the presenter has stopped the interview: "Don't say that! 13 families have been harmed by 13 burned people, whose bodies have not been identified."

Before the words of Sonsoles Ónega, the lawyer has revolted: "Allow me to say what I see fit. Or we finish the interview and you finish the statement." However, the journalist has refused to change her position, assuring that her obligation was to "claim a little sensitivity".

"Well, nothing, good afternoon. I say what I have to say, if you do not like it, then we finish the statement. Goodbye, ma'am," the lawyer protested. However, Sonsoles Ónega managed to calm the spirits and the interview continued. The lawyer, then, has affirmed that his client is the first to lament the 13 deceased. However, the behavior of the lawyer has angered the collaborators of Y ahora Sonsoles, especially Antonio Naranjo, who has come out in defense of the presenter and who has criticized her "aggressive tone": "Do not say that you are the most affected, when there are 13 dead with their relatives. It's okay for you to defend what you have to defend, but to give lessons in feelings and anger at people, I don't accept it."

"I don't need your authorization to say what I have to say. If you are not a priest, do not say mass," the lawyer told the collaborator. The two were then engaged in a strong argument, so Sonsoles Ónega has had to cut the connection and fire the lawyer.

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