Nanchang, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- In early autumn, the Washing Lake Management Office of the Wanli Management Bureau of Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province is full of greenery and vitality. During the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday, Xiangchengyuan Resort located here ushered in the hottest day of the year.

"Our resort has 20 rooms, and at most it can accept more than 200 tourists who come to accommodation and catering a day, most of them are old and familiar guests from Nanchang City." Hu Peng, head of the resort and deputy secretary-general of the Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce of the Bay Lane Authority, said.

It is understood that Xiangchengyuan Resort was founded in 2016, covering an area of more than 30 acres, is the best camp for tourism, vacation, leisure and mountaineering all year round. "Our resort integrates accommodation, catering, sightseeing, wellness, entertainment, business, conference reception. In addition to the conference hall and luxury KTV, there are also outdoor barbecue spots, outdoor camping sites, large farm fish ponds and farm vegetable gardens, committed to creating a resort suitable for outings near Nanchang. Hu Peng introduced.

The picture shows the room of Xiangchengyuan Resort B&B located in the Washing Medicine Lake Management Office of the Wanli Management Bureau of Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. Photo courtesy of interviewee

In recent years, as a local new village sage, Hu Peng has been exploring to do a good job in "homestay +" tourism articles to stimulate the greater development momentum of the rural tourism market. The combination of homestay and sightseeing and picking not only attracts a large number of surrounding tourists to visit, but also solves the employment problem of local villagers, providing more than 30 jobs every year, driving the per capita income of villagers to increase by nearly 20000,<> yuan.

In Nanshuping Homestay Village, Taiping Town, Wanli Administration, Nanchang City, I saw green mountains and green waters, green tile white walls, simple and elegant homestays scattered, babbling water and dense woods, making people feel like they are in a paradise.

"This used to be a near-deserted 'hollow village'. In 2021, Jiangxi Junmeng Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd. cooperated with Taiping Town to use modern technology to restore and transform the original houses in the entire village through government investment and multi-party investment, transforming this desolate village into a leisure vacation homestay village integrating catering, accommodation, bars, traditional cultural experience and other formats. The relevant person in charge of Taiping Town introduced.

It is understood that the homestay village can currently provide 38 homestay rooms and 70 beds, increasing the dividend income of the village collective by about 20,50 yuan every year and solving the employment of more than <> people.

The picture shows an aerial photograph of Nanshuping Ancient Village, Taiping Town, Nanchang Bay Li Administration, surrounded by green mountains and beautiful scenery. Photo by Liu Lixin

The gorgeous turn of Nanshuping Homestay Village is a vivid epitome of Nanchang Wanli Administration's vigorous development of rural tourism industry. As rural tourism gradually becomes a new trend, country houses are increasingly favored as the main carrier of rural tourism consumption. In recent years, with the help of unique landscape advantages and tourism resources, the Nanchang Bay Management Bureau has actively explored the "homestay +" development model, attracting a large number of tourists.

"Next, we will give full play to the strength of rural sages, rely on rich tourism resources and characteristic industrial resources, and create a group of rural residents who can see the countryside, remember homesickness, and stay in the countryside, revitalize the rural tourism industry, drive more villagers to become rich and increase income, and help rural revitalization." Hu Shaoli, person in charge of united front work of the party and mass part of the Nanchang Wanli Management Bureau, said. (End)