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"There comes a time in many people's lives when they wonder if they are happy in the job they are in. If it pays them to spend 10 hours of their day in that position. It happens to many people. And it happened to me." At the age of 28, Paula González (Elda, Alicante, August 1, 1991) broke with everything. Because he just "wanted Friday to arrive and cried on Sunday at the thought that on Monday he would return to the same office."

He went to live in Australia, in search of the waves he missed in Valencia, the city where he lives. Also of a passion that stirred his life. And yes, she was a waitress, and doubled days simultaneously working. But she returned to Spain very inspired.

"Their lifestyle is very active. It is the most fitness place in the world. There are already people in the outdoor gyms at five in the morning. Everyone does physical exercise every day, yoga is integrated into their lives, they walk everywhere in sportswear," she enthuses. She thought: "Why not bring this strong sports culture to everyday life in Spain?" He became obsessed with surfing, also went to the gym and ran, but the practice that changed him the most was yoga.


"My idea was to make it more earthy, not so mystical, which is what pulls people back. That you can stretch, lower revolutions, complement other sports... But I arrived right in a pandemic and I couldn't create a physical center," he recalls.

In full confinement, looking for platforms to do yoga at home, all were in English or did not have much quality. "Crazy, I started recording with two instructors who trusted me." It aimed to help people connect with a healthy lifestyle, becoming aware of the importance of taking care of themselves. "Blue Bamboo is intended for those who do not do any sport. Either he does not have time, and for that there are options from 10 minutes, or he can not because of economic resources, because a center costs 100 euros a month and my school 100 a year. "

He named his platform for the blue of the sea and because bamboo is a resilient and elastic plant, with endless applications, he explains. "In yoga you become flexible without breaking and it was a simile."

He has already turned three years old. Very difficult, where he has not always won, he acknowledges. Because she was alone and had to invest a lot in advertising and making a good website. "Undertaking this project has been one of the hardest and riskiest decisions I have made in my life. But, by far, I would do it again and again."


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She is the one who builds community, the one who explains that "this is not about tablets, but about health: being able to hold your child in your arms, bend down for the keys that have fallen or upload the suitcase to the compartment of the plane".

Mothers, people who work a lot, people who are embarrassed to go to a place to train... "What there was was subscriptions and you access a newspaper library. This is quite different. I love the Netflix of wellness but I am the opposite, because that bores if there is no motivation. " That's why she tries to get to know her members one by one. "I launch challenges, live classes, I have a WhatsApp group where everyone is, they write to me, we do retreats with surf and yoga, yoga and brunch events ...".

The entrepreneur, preparing a meditation. EM

This has broken the barrier between the physical world and the laziness of training online. "The key to entrepreneurship, as well as practicing yoga or achieving challenges and goals, is to do it in company, to look for your tribe." She has now trained as a yoga instructor. "I studied Business Administration and Management (ADE), I was in Lanzadera, the startup incubator of Juan Roig, the owner of Mercadona. I did several courses, also as an instructor. I met and still meet every week with other entrepreneurs. And I trusted a mentor." She now launches a psychology and nutrition program. He doesn't want to stop.

"I can't conceive of a day without doing anything, but because I'm already on that wheel. However, there are people who do not have basic guidelines to live balanced." The classes that are most seen, in fact, are those of 10 and 20 minutes. "But you start with something and sometimes less is more. You don't have to make it perfect, you have to start." The typical profile is a woman between 35 and 50 years old. "I compete with influencers with a lot of followers, but I prefer to have few people I can serve and understand." He believes that sport transforms. "It makes you wonder what you want, it gives you values, it makes you happier. And when you focus on yourself and work inside yourself, you stop comparing yourself and criticizing others."

The more self-esteem you have, the more you understand the rest, he says. "There are always angry people and I work a lot on that, on loving themselves and being well so they can take care of the rest." The good news? "I know that my online school is not going to be to everyone's taste, nor do I intend to. A lot of people like it and I'm satisfied with that." The least good? "That there is no rest." Of course, now lives as an eternal Sabbath. "Sunday would be too much to exaggerate," he laughs.

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