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Cover of the US edition of the mythical 'september issue' of Vogue along with her colleagues the supermodels of the 90s, in addition to protagonist of the Apple TV documentary that collects her iconic careers, Naomi Campbell lives a very sweet moment of her career also on the catwalk at 53 years old. This was evident when closing the Dolce & Gabbana show last weekend at Milan Fashion Week, where she was cheered as if she had scored a goal in the Milanese derby.

Beyond the parades (and her facet as a designer), the flashes and the cameras, the ebony goddess has been a mother twice since she turned half a century – the second a few months ago. "It's never too late," the model said at the time. Of her first daughter, who arrived when she was 50, she said on the March 2022 Vogue cover, where they posed together: "She is the greatest blessing I could ever imagine. It's the best thing I've ever done."

Of the best thing she has done, both on the catwalk and outside it, she speaks now, just after having triumphed again on the catwalk of the Italian designers who have always trusted her so much.

The supermodel closed the Dolce & Gabbana spring-summer 2024 show at Milan Fashion Week.LAUNCHMETRICS SPOTLIGHT

Naomi Campbell in the short distances

Naomi Campbell the day after her stellar appearance at the Dolce & Gabbana show... Because of the history that binds me to them I was very excited and nervous at the same time. I wanted to be at my best. Something I've always admired about Stefano and Domenico is that they've stayed true to their DNA. Now everyone is imitating them but they were the first. There were stadium cheers on the catwalk, but also outside, on the street. Did you expect this welcome? I didn't hear anyone, I didn't see anyone. When I parade I only see the lights. It's an amazing time for you. It transmits a different energy. What has happened in your life? I am very happy to be a mother. It has always been the dream of my life. So what has happened in my life are my children.And who is Naomi today, then? I don't know. As we get older we become wiser. I've been very lucky to have the opportunity to look in the mirror and see what I needed to see. I never thought I could become a mother. I'm taking it day by day, I know life is a process and I'm enjoying every moment. There are many projects in the pipeline. The most important thing is to spend time with my family and my children. The support of my friends is one of the most important things I have. I am a single mother. Seeing how my children grow, how they change, is the most beautiful thing that happens to me every day. Everything is new to me, but I love this role of life and connection. Connection is very important. You often take care of children and young people [as in their Emerge initiative] and children. Is this your way of giving something back to society? I love to give. If I see someone who is not feeling well and I can help in some way, I do my best. But my kindness should not be confused with weakness. Sometimes it has happened to me and it has been difficult, but I have learned the lesson. This has not stopped me from giving and sharing. What I love doing now is working with these young emerging creatives and giving them a platform they've never had to showcase their creativity. [Campbell has been committed to emerging talent for years, especially if it comes from Africa: the top has just signed a collaboration with the brand Pretty Little Thing under the name of the Emerge initiative, with which she wants to publicize the work of young designers by giving them a space on this platform]. It is in an age where, they say, one finds the courage to choose, among others, friends. I don't choose, it's loyalty that always shows who you deal with," he says, shaking hands with his lifelong friend and manager, Piero Piazzi, and they both get excited. I can say that I have friends in my life for almost 30 years. Others are much more recent, but they are there. I also love to travel the world and now I am lucky enough to be able to do it with my children, as my mother did with me. All the time. But when you hold them, you just know. An instinct arises that you thought you didn't have. And every day I learn something new. I learn from other amazing moms who give me ideas and advice. Wonder. I'm not afraid to ask.What is fashion for you now? I still like it. I really love it when people are still authentic and nowadays there are very authentic vibes in our environment. Beauty for me is energy. What you give is what you receive. My secret is to be happy with myself.