【Commentary】On September 9, the national premiere of the movie "Volunteers: Heroic Attack" was held in Beijing, and director Chen Kaige appeared at the premiere with Wang Yanhui, Xin Baiqing, Huang Xiaoming and other starring actors, which is Chen Kaige's longest filming time since the film.

[During the same period] the director of the movie "Volunteers: Heroic Attack" Chen Kaige

I've said in the past that [the film] was filmed for 399 days, and more than 3000,<> people worked together for such a long time, and today the film finally meets you. During the filming process, wind and rain and snow were a regular occurrence, because we chose this place to actually be a relatively remote place, and the purpose was to have a reasonable place for our war scenes.

[Commentary] "Volunteer Army: Heroic Attack", as the first part of the "Volunteers" trilogy, tells the story of the stage from how to make decisions to send troops to the first and second battles of the Chinese Volunteer Army entering the DPRK. At that time, the Chinese Volunteers fought fiercely with the US army for more than five hours with the strength of 100 people, repelled five attacks in a row, and completed the task of preventing the US army from fleeing into the army Chinese.

[During the same period] the director of the movie "Volunteers: Heroic Attack" Chen Kaige

Today I have a friend, he also came to see, after reading it, he said that this is a story about our fathers, but gradually this story, has been forgotten by (some) people, you do this work, it took so long is valuable, I listened to this I felt very warm in my heart, if this is really the case, I think I have not been in vain in the past three years.

【Commentary】The tragedy of the war and the courage of the soldiers can be seen from the filming scene.

【During the same period】Chen Hong, chief producer and producer of the movie "Volunteer Army: Heroic Attack"

They (actors) go out every morning when they are clean, their skin is white, and at night, they can basically only see that their teeth and the whites of their eyes are white, and that skin may be several steps worse, that is, white in the morning, black at night, I think the spirit of the volunteer army has actually been infiltrated in the details of our entire work. (Please) feel the cruelty of our film (the war in China) and the horror of war, and feel the hard-won peace today.

【Commentary】At the premiere on the same day, veterans of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea were also invited to tell everyone the story of the beacon years when they went to the battlefield, which won applause from hundreds of people present. According to reports, "Volunteers: Heroes Attack" will be released nationwide on September 9, and the film is now available for pre-sale.

Reporter Rang Baokui reported from Beijing

Responsible Editor: [Luo Pan]