A gruesome rape incident shook Lebanese public opinion, as activists were shocked by a video documenting the rape of a 14-year-old girl, after brutally beating her, torturing her, depriving her of her freedom, and filming the entire crime.

The clip spread remarkably via WhatsApp, while local pages reported details of the incident by saying that the minor girl was lured to an abandoned apartment in Sabra, in the presence of the rapist and another young man who filmed the crime to blackmail her.

Local Lebanese websites said that a patrol from the Intelligence Directorate arrested a young man and a girl, on suspicion of raping the girl, while security forces have not issued any comment on the case so far.

Lebanese anger

The incident sparked a state of anger in the Lebanese street, which was reflected on social media platforms, and the "Shabakat" program 2023/9/26 followed up with some comments calling for the application of the maximum penalties against the perpetrators of the crime.

Among the interactions followed by the program was the tweet of activist Alaa, who called for the application of strict penalties to deter the perpetrators of these crimes, saying, "Deterrent penalties and rotten laws to hear much worse news if there is a deterrent."

In turn, the tweeter Ahmed pointed to the harshness of the viral video clip and wrote, "I saw the video, oh nice, what a difficult thing for people to be executed, may God bless us and be kind to us, oh nice. The cruelty of these people is definitely normal."

Haneen also strongly criticized the ugliness of the crime, and demanded the application of the harshest penalties and tweeted, "Something that is not true like fiction, reasonable and brutality reached the hearts of people to this degree, reasonable no longer a limit that fears God, p Heck dirty world imposed successive severe punishment."

In turn, activist Labneh was surprised by the lack of humanity in the hearts of the perpetrators of the crime and wrote, "Where are we still with the lack of humanity and morals?"

Sami said the penalties applied to rapists were inadequate, writing, "They slept for two months in prison and searched for another girl."

It should be noted that, from the legal side, article 504 of the Lebanese Penal Code stipulates that anyone who has intercourse with a minor under the age of 15 shall be punished with temporary hard labour, and the penalty shall not be less than five years, and the penalty shall be increased if committed by two or more persons.