Beijing, 9 Sep (ZXS) -- "Today's performance has very Taiwanese characteristics, I feel the atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion, and I am even more looking forward to studying and living in Beijing." On the sidelines of the "Cross-Strait One Family, One Heart Fulfilling Dream" 25 Mid-Autumn Festival Friendship Event for Taiwan Freshmen in Beijing, Yang Zipei, a Taiwanese student at Tsinghua University who was preparing to perform, said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency.

On the same day, the event was held at the Communication University of China in Beijing. More than 110 Taiwanese freshmen from Peking University, Chinese Minmin University and China University of Political Science and Law welcomed the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Chai Jianping, vice president of Communication University of China, said in his speech that he welcomes new students from Taiwan to study in Beijing, wishes everyone success in their studies, and hopes that young people on both sides of the strait will shoulder the responsibilities of the country and the nation, establish the pursuit of faith and values, and contribute to the peaceful development of the two sides of the strait. This Mid-Autumn Festival friendship event is not only a gathering to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival, but also an opportunity to feel the friendship between the two sides of the strait from the bottom of my heart, and a time full of warmth and friendship.

At the party, teachers and students from both sides of the strait jointly took the stage, and the song chorus "The Girl from Alishan", the folk music performance "Fishing Boat Singing Night", poetry reading, street dance, Hanfu catwalk and other programs received applause.

"Looking at the vigorous faces of Taiwanese freshmen, I was quite moved." Liu Zhiyi, a Taiwanese teacher at the School of Advertising at Communication University of China, said, "I hope that they will communicate more, feel more, integrate more, and realize their ideals in Beijing." ”

Tu Fuyuan, a Taiwanese student at China University of Political Science and Law, told reporters that the same Mid-Autumn Festival story is circulated on both sides of the strait, but the way of celebration is slightly different, in addition to eating mooncakes, Taiwan also has the custom of eating barbecue meat and grapefruit, "through today's activities met a lot of new friends, everyone is in Beijing this year, has agreed to eat barbecue together."

Lin Songquan, a Taiwanese student who loves traditional Chinese culture, studied at the School of History and Culture of Minzu University of China and has just lived in Beijing for a month, and is full of curiosity about it. "I plan to use the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday to visit the Palace Museum." He said with a smile, "I look forward to contributing to the preservation of the history and culture of the mainland after completing my studies." (End)