In order to widely disseminate information to prevent cybercrime, the Metropolitan Police Department newly established a "Cyber Security Center" in the metaverse, a virtual space on the Internet, and an opening ceremony was held on the 25th.

Newly established in the metaverse, a virtual space on the Internet, is the Metropolitan Police Department's Cyber Security Center.

On the 25th, an opening ceremony was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to coincide with the start of operation, and Deputy Inspector General Toshie Tanaka gave a speech saying, "While cyberspace is indispensable for daily life, threats such as information leakage are extremely serious, and we would like to make effective use of this center to further advance activities to investigate cybercrimes and prevent damage."

Next, the center on the metaverse was projected on a monitor, and videos on crime damage prevention related to cybercrime and special fraud created by the Metropolitan Police Department and others were introduced.

In addition, a video was shown calling for caution not to get into trouble over copyrights created by university students in Tokyo.

In addition to being able to watch 30 videos at the center, the center will also prepare an area where cybercrime training can be conducted with companies and others by the middle of January next year.