There is a shortage of veterinarians who are public servants responsible for the prevention of infectious diseases in livestock.
Miyazaki Prefecture, where livestock farming is thriving, has produced a unique PR video shot from the perspective of a cow and is recruiting staff in order to introduce the work and appeal of veterinarians.

This video was released on the website of Miyazaki Prefecture this month to let people know about the work of veterinarians who are public servants.

Footage taken from the perspective of a cow appears throughout the video, and a scene featuring a veterinarian working at a prefectural livestock health center shows how to visit livestock farmers to check the status of hygiene management to prevent infectious diseases.

In addition, at the Meat Hygiene Inspection Station, veterinarian staff inspect the condition of cows' internal organs and carcasses for safety.

According to the prefecture, in recent years, due to the pet boom and other factors, many veterinarians have been employed at animal hospitals, so only 1004 of the 80,12 people who graduated from veterinary universities nationwide last spring became prefectural civil servants.

Last fiscal year, Miyazaki Prefecture recruited 5 veterinarians, but only five were hired.

Miyazaki Prefecture plans to conduct a recruitment examination for civil servant veterinarians for new graduates on the 15th of next month.

Kaoru Hidaka, an engineer of the Prefectural Livestock Quarantine Division, said, "Veterinarians who are public servants are involved in the lives of many people, and I would like them to work as veterinarians in Miyazaki, where livestock farming is thriving."