Guiyang, September 9 (Zhao Jianbin) On September 25, during the 9 Spring/Summer Milan Fashion Week, the "China Miao Art Exhibition" hosted by the People's Government of Guizhou Province and undertaken by Yizhihui Fashion Group was held in Milan, Italy, and Guizhou Miao embroidery made a stunning appearance.

With intricate and exquisite patterns and delicate hand-embroidery technology, it shows the long-standing artistic style of Guizhou Miao embroidery, which has become the focus of Milan Fashion Week. At the same time, the People's Government of Guizhou Province and the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Milan jointly hosted the "Reception to Celebrate the 74th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China and Guizhou Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference".

The picture shows the scene of the event. Photo by Zhao Jianbin

Zhang Kaibin, Acting Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Italy, said in his speech that China and Italy have made new developments in political, economic, cultural and other aspects, and we are pleased to see that high-level exchanges between the two countries are frequent and political mutual trust is constantly consolidated; China-Italy pragmatic cooperation has broad prospects and good development momentum; People-to-people exchanges between the two sides have been heating up, enhancing mutual trust and understanding; The connotation of local exchanges between China and Italy has been continuously enriched and the results have become increasingly rich. It is hoped that people of insight between the two countries will join hands and actively open up a new situation of Sino-Italian friendship with the spirit of being far-sighted, open and cooperative and daring to be the first.

Cai Chaolin, Vice Governor of the People's Government of Guizhou Province, said in his speech that China and Italy are both ancient civilizations, with continuous culture and friendship, and the ancient Silk Road began in China and ended in Rome, which is a friendship road for the exchange of Chinese and Western goods, culture and civilizations, and Italian sages such as Marco Polo and Matteo Ricci are also well known to the Chinese people. In recent years, China-Italy relations have maintained a high level of development, and the leaders of the two countries have reached a series of important consensuses, which not only pointed out the direction for China and Italy to consolidate the comprehensive strategic partnership, but also provided a major opportunity for Guizhou and Italy to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in all aspects.

Cai Chaolin introduced Guizhou's ethnic culture, traditional culture and red culture from the perspectives of mountain parks, cultural thousand islands, poverty reduction models, big data pioneers, bridge museums, sauce and wine capitals with the title of "Six Business Cards". Cai Zhaolin said that this trip to Italy hopes to further deepen understanding with friends from all walks of life in Italy, deepen economic and trade investment cooperation, deepen digital economy cooperation, deepen tourism cooperation, deepen cultural exchanges and cooperation, and deepen cooperation in the ecological field. And sincerely invite Italian friends to Guizhou to enjoy the beautiful scenery, drink fine wine, taste food, and personally feel the intoxicating landscape scenery, moving national customs, and charming characteristic scenery.

The picture shows the scene of the event. Photo by Zhao Jianbin

Ms. Barbara Mazzari, Director of the Tourism Board of Lombardy Region, said, "We are pleased to learn that Guizhou is rich in natural landscapes, waterfalls, mountains and architecture, showing the charm and poetry of China, and we were fortunate to see exquisite Guizhou Miao embroidery, clothing and costumes at the Clerich Palace in Milan, and learned about the profound culture and exquisite skills of the Chinese nation.

Ms. Maria Azzolina, President of the Italian-Chinese Association, said that she was very happy to see the Miao embroidery series of activities held at Milan Fashion Week, full of expectations for Guizhou cultural tourism, and gave high hopes for the economic and social development of Guizhou, China and Italy-China exchanges and cooperation.

On the same day, the guests visited the "China Miao Art Exhibition", experienced the art of Miao embroidery with a long history and national memory, and appreciated the treasures and beauty of Miao embroidery, a representative item of national intangible cultural heritage.

The cultural origin of Miao costumes comes from the ancient Miao songs and their handicraft passed down from generation to generation, and its clothing patterns have the important role of ideologies and identification of ethnic groups, branches and languages, these image records are known as "history books worn on the body", this history book embroidered thousands of years of Miao cultural imprints and migration history on the dress, passed down from generation to generation, passed down to the present day, endless.

Relying on the cultural medium of "China Miao Art Exhibition", through Milan, the international stage, 44 unique representative Guizhou Miao embroidery costume works have built an exchange platform for the overseas development and cooperation of Guizhou Miao embroidery art, and HUI2024 the theme of the Milan Fashion Week series in spring and summer "Miao Yin", which is a unique imprint of Guizhou Four Miao and a beautiful presentation of modern fashion on the international stage.

The audience of this event said that through this event, they were attracted by the diverse landscape and natural scenery of Guizhou, China, expressed their sincere appreciation for the exquisite skills of the Miao embroidery girls displayed on site, and were fascinated by the national characteristic culture of Guizhou. (End)