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Out and about in the wrestling universe

Whether good versus evil, thriller or horror: wrestling is a show fight, scripted like a movie. The athleticism, acrobatics and action of the participants inspire millions of people all over the world. Here, Minoru Suzuki and Sanshiro Takagi fight in a Japanese train en route from Tokyo to Nagoya. Whoever is the first to press his opponent's shoulders to the ground for three seconds wins the fight.

Photo: Jr Tokai / REUTERS

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Mission of discord

At least 43 people die and 56 others are injured during a demonstration against the presence of the UN peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Now the relatives come together for his funeral service at the Makao cemetery in Goma. The government wants the UN out of the country by the end of the year.

Photo: Arlette Bashizi / REUTERS

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Good prospects

The many grey weeks are coming soon – but before that happens, the evening sky in Berlin has once again shown its beautiful side. As if the picturesque colors didn't impress enough, a rainbow appeared like something out of a picture book.

Photo: Markus Schreiber / AP

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A bit of lightness

After the devastating flood in Darna, Libya, many people are still homeless. Here, a family has been accommodated in a classroom at the um Al Moumanin School. The boys have built a landing island for daring jumps from a mattress camp.


Zohra Bensemra / REUTERS

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Encounter of the strange kind

The journalist and self-proclaimed ufologist Jaime Maussan has delivered something for X-ray analysis to the Noor Hospital in Huixquilucan, Mexico. According to Maussan, it is the tiny body of a species unknown on Earth, allegedly alien mummies found in Peru. Maussan, who had previously been convicted of fraud, caused a stir in mid-September when he was even allowed to present the creatures in the Mexican parliament building.

Photo: Raquel Cunha / REUTERS

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Returning home

In a prisoner exchange between the U.S. and Iran, U.S. citizens Siamak Namazi, Morad Tahbaz and Emad Shargi are released – as well as two other returnees whose names the U.S. government has not yet published. Here, they are greeted by family members at the Davison Army airfield at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

Photo: Jonathan Ernst / REUTERS

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Playing with the tide

Cycling is almost unthinkable – a boy tries to make the best of the masses of water after heavy rain on a road in Ahmedabad, India.

Photo: Amit Dave / REUTERS

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In Nagorno-Karabakh, violence flares up again, Azerbaijani troops have taken control of the region, which is inhabited mainly by Armenians, after a short fight. Many people in Nagorno-Karabakh, like this elderly man, are angry.

Photo: Irakli Gedenidze / REUTERS

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Entry into the promised land

Migrants from Venezuela wade through the Rio Grande on their way from Mexico to the United States, trying to get through at the barbed wire-studded border fence. Leon, the man in the middle, carries his physically disadvantaged cousin Luis on his back.

Photo: Adrees Latif / REUTERS

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Green plague

A harvester is on the way on the Canal de Saint-Quentin near Vaucelles, France. It collects algae that cover the body of water after the recent heat waves.

Photo: Pascal Rossignol / REUTERS

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Hardly tolerated

Thousands of people seeking protection have reached the Italian island of Lampedusa in recent days. For many, it remains unclear whether the authorities will transfer them to the mainland. Here is a boy waiting for things in the port of Lampedusa.

Photo: Zakaria Abdelkafi / AFP

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A man stands under a stream of water in the Baikonur Park in Kazakhstan – where there is also a spaceport used by Russia. The country has announced that it will extend the agreement with the United States on joint space flights to the International Space Station (ISS). Since Russia's attack on Ukraine, many of Moscow's ties with the US have been severed. In space, however, the hostile states could continue to work together.

Photo: Maxim Shipenkov / EPA

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On the way to Europe

Along with the Mediterranean, the Atlantic route remains one of the most important, albeit risky, routes for refugees from Africa on their way to Europe. Here, two migrants are hoping for a crossing in a wooden boat to Gran Canaria.

Photo: Borja Suarez / REUTERS

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Their house has been destroyed, but they are alive: Khadijia and her daughters Saeeda, Fatima and Hanane are standing in front of the ruins of their house in the Moroccan village of Tagsdirt. After the worst earthquake in a hundred years in the region, around 3000 deaths were reported.


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Safely protected

A visitor to the catwalk show by English fashion designer Richard Quinn wears a colorful hat that is somewhat reminiscent of the helmets with slits that knights used to protect themselves in the Middle Ages. The spring collection, presented by the 33-year-old rising star designer, was described by »Vogue« as »the closest proximity to haute couture that London has seen in years«.

Photo: Hollie Adams / REUTERS

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Three swans, but only one is real: On Lake Hallstatt there are two pedal boats in swan look. The Unesco World Heritage village of Hallstadt is hardly as empty as the boats. Every day, coaches bring tourists to the mountain region, and on peak days there are several thousand. Also because part of a successful Netflix series was filmed there, quite a few people come. Although this brings a lot of money to the residents, the hustle and bustle is still too much for many.

Photo: Christian Bruna / EPA

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No further

Dinos are probably not among the desired visitors: security personnel of the Standard Bank in Johannesburg, South Africa, rejects a costumed activist in front of the offices. The activist belongs to Extinction Rebellion. The group is protesting against Standard Bank's investments in fossil fuel-related projects in the country.

Photo: Kim Ludbrook / EPA