• Media Pepe Domingo Castaño, legend of sports journalism, dies at 80

Friends and family have paid this Saturday in Padrón (A Coruña) an emotional tribute to the radio announcer Pepe Domingo Castaño, a resident of this Galician town and who died a week ago.

It was his brother Susé Castaño who was in charge, with a broken voice, of dedicating a few words during a popular toast, accompanied by bagpipe music and in a festive atmosphere.

"How much love you leave Pepe, how much we are going to miss you," his brother proclaimed during the event, which took place in the Plaza Pepe Domingo Castaño, named just a few months ago in honor of the popular announcer and where he played as a child.

"You leave us with a big void that is going to be difficult to fill and will never be filled. We stayed with that person who after mom was able to bring us all together, "continued his brother Susé, who has raised a glass in the air accompanied by the president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda and the mayor of the town, Anxo Rei.

Rueda has highlighted the pride with which Pepe Domingo Castaño of Galicia always spoke, so he has not hesitated to describe him as "one of ours".

"It's not gone, it's still here. And every time someone comes to this old town they will remember it, "said the Galician president in reference to the name of the square, inaugurated with the name of the announcer last March, an act attended by the announcer.

That square was a special place for Castano, and the announcer himself referred to it last January on the air when he learned live on his program on Cadena Cope that Padrón was going to put his name on it.

"That's where I played as a kid. There are all my memories, the beginning of all dreams. That square does make me excited. What I'm going to get is panic when I go to (the grocery store) Rial, look up and see my name there; I'm going to believe I'm dead," Castano said that day last January.

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