Just before noon on the 23rd, a man on a bicycle who was believed to have been hit died in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, and a woman on a motorcycle who was rear-ended was injured after a series of reports that a car had caused an accident and fled. Shortly after, the police arrested an office worker who caused a property damage accident at another location on suspicion of hit-and-run and are investigating the connection.

According to the police, shortly after 23 a.m. on the 11rd, a series of reports were received near Amagasaki Station of the Hanshin Railway, saying that they were hit by a car and escaped.

Police officers rushed to find a man in his 60s who was apparently hit while riding a bicycle collapsed and was taken to hospital, where he died.

There were five other accidents in the vicinity where a car traveling south collided with another car or motorcycle, and one woman riding a motorcycle was slightly injured.

When the police investigated the whereabouts of the fleeing car, they found a mini car about 5 kilometers away and tried to escape after colliding with a construction sign, and arrested the driver on the spot on suspicion of fleeing.

The suspect arrested is Katsunari Mashita (1), an office worker from Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture.

He admitted that there was "no doubt" about the charge of guesswork and run against the investigation.

Similar cars were also seen in a series of hit-and-run and hit-and-run near the station, and the police are investigating the connection.