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As Lenny Kravitz once said: "I needed to change my energy, so I cut my hair." There is nothing more certain that when we need renewal, even if it is inside, starting on the outside is the easiest. As hairdresser Maria Baras, from Cheska, says, sometimes an inner change 'needs' an outer one. " We would love to change the color of our eyes, or have more smoothness in the skin, but it is not as easy as a change of hair look ..." -apart from clothes, and there we have the famous change of wardrobe every season-.

That is why it is more than common that before a breakup or disappointment we cut our hair or change its color; Ditto if we are going to start a new job, or life presents us with a revolution -weddings, maternities ...-.

To a lesser extent, September is also a month of changes (in which, by the way, we also need an extra shot of energy, a la Kravitz). Not radical, but the simple return to routine after the holidays, to the office, to school, to schedules and the alarm clock, is a 'blow' of reality after the break to the KitKat that is summer anarchy. So it is not surprising, at all, that it is "the month in which we make more changes of look of the year", confirms María Baras. "More than in January, almost, because we really look more handsome, more favored, rested."

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September, a must in the hairdresser

Making an appointment at the hairdresser as soon as you unpack your bags for the holidays (we already know from María Baras that getting a place is not easy in September) is a gesture as common almost as going to buy the books and uniforms of the new course. Behind there are real reasons that have to do with thehealth and the state of the hair after the holidays, but not only.

As for the former, hairdresser Adrián Pardo, director of Adrián Pardo Hair Studio in Malaga, argues that, "after the summer, it is usual for our hair to be drier, the ends more split and the color to be dull, because of the external agents of the season. That's why we want to give her back all her beauty and health."

And that, according to María Baras, "although it is true that the hair comes drier from the beach, the sea, the sun, it no longer arrives as bleached as before, because certain colors become even more beautiful". We speak, for example, of certain blondes who become even more surfers, and others who, despite oxidizing slightly, thanks to coloring techniques and current care do not present the hair 'dramas' of yesteryear.

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(radical) hair change, beyond the hair itself

Let's also talk about those other reasons why we run to the hairdresser in September that do not have to do strictly with the state of the hair, because there are, and are to blame for the agendas of hairdressers fuming.

As we said at the beginning and María Baras insists: "Oh, September, September! It is the month of changes, renewal, we return rested from our holidays, and eager to start the new season with renewed energy".

Because in this change of hair look at the beginning of September again, "there is a psychological factor associated with the beginnings (course, year, season, even a personal or professional stage ...), which drives us to start from scratch and show a new facet", insists hairdresser Adrián Pardo. For the Malaga 'scissors', although it is not a fixed rule, September is also "one of the moments of the year with more movement and desire for change" in his living room.

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The almost obligatory haircuts and color changes of September also have a lot to do with fashion (and the well-known change of autumn wardrobe). In fact, "it happens as with clothes, when you wear fresh clothes all summer you want to buy winter ones. If you have spent the summer with a surfer mane it is logical that you want a more autumnal look, with a richer color, more 'glossy', these tones that are worn as much as gold, honey, cinnamon chestnuts, "says María Baras. The reddish or ginger nuances are not far behind, such as the one that Sara Carbonero has just released, precisely achieved in the Cheska salon.

In addition to color changes towards a more classically autumnal palette, the cuts are also renewed, and although they do not always do it radically, without a doubt in this return to school of 2023 are "the layers, in the style of 'butterfly' above all, and the bangs, in addition to many shorts, what is being asked to start the renewed season in the Baras hairdresser.

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Cuts and colors in trend of autumn 2023: what is most requested?

We stepped on real ground and asked Adrián Pardo what is being asked more in this month of renovation, the cuts and colors of trend at street level for autumn 2023.

"If we talk about cuts, we see ultra-long hair with very subtle layers, thick bangs and also midi manes with texture in tips and profiles. The butterfly cut is still booming, which frames the face with more marked layers, and also likes the bixie, which is a grown pixie that almost becomes an ultra-short bob. They also wear round cuts in wavy or curly textures, "analyzes the hairdresser.

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As for color, in the same vein as María Baras, Pardo sees that natural tones tend to darken and be warmer, while fantasy tones dust and dull, like mattified roses, for example. More? "Copper is still the star tone. And the technique that seems to reign in autumn is the 'scandinavian hairline', which consists of illuminating the entire contour of the face but only the 'baby hairs'".

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"Although of course there are many people who do not feel this need for change, there are others, and the truth is that for us it is a constant every September. For me it is undoubtedly the perfect time to change our look: we come rested, handsome and we have to take advantage, "concludes the hairdresser.

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