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Flooding on the Inn at the end of August 2023

Photo: Tobias C. Köhler / dpa

The extreme August floods have washed the body of a woman missing in Austria since 2019 to the surface of the Inn. It drifted as far as Bavaria and was discovered there on August 28 in Vogtareuth in the district of Rosenheim. The water body has now been identified as a missing woman from Mils in Austria, said the police headquarters of Upper Bavaria South.

In the course of extensive investigations to clarify the identity of the woman, missing persons cases from neighboring Tyrol in Austria were also reviewed, according to the statement. The officers found a match with a missing person from Mils. A DNA comparison confirmed that the body was the then 65-year-old woman.

The water rescue service has recovered the body of the woman. Because of the condition of the body, investigators are already assuming that the woman was in the water for a longer period of time. There were no indications of third-party negligence or violent crimes, it said.