Beijing, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- As an outstanding subsidized play for the 18th anniversary of the establishment of the National Arts Fund and the outstanding work award of the 10th "Five One Project" for the construction of spiritual civilization, the opera "Red Boat" was performed twice at the Central Opera House Theater on September 9 and 16.

A still from the opera "Red Boat". Photo courtesy of Zhejiang Performing Arts Group

The opera "Red Boat" is a literary and artistic masterpiece launched on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. In order to reproduce this stage masterpiece, the opera "Red Boat" gathered Huang Dingshan, former head of the General Political Opera Troupe of the People's Liberation Army, directing artist and drama educator, Meng Weidong, former vice chairman of the Chinese Musicians Association and national first-class composer, screenwriter Wang Yong, conductor Wang Yan and other powerful creators to create it. From the completion of the first draft in February 2019 to the official premiere, the opera "Red Boat" has changed its draft thirteen times, and the composition draft and performance script have been fine-tuned and slightly changed. Each revision incorporates new elements to improve day by day.

The play also brings together a number of excellent opera actors. Everyone participating in this red drama has their own unique feelings. Xue Lei, the leading actor and actor of Mao Zedong, said: "Every time I call the curtain, I feel the audience's praise for the opera "Red Boat" and the recognition of the actors' role creation. I want to cherish every opportunity to perform more, be in awe of the stage, awe of the audience, and convey my love for the stage with sincere emotions. ”

Zheng Peiqin, played by Yang Kaihui, said: "The opera "Red Boat" shows the style of the times of the first representatives of the Communist Party of China, portrays the heroism of Mao Zedong, Li Dazhao and Chen Duxiu who dared to be the first, and meticulously presents the romantic revolutionary feelings of Mao Zedong and Yang Kaihui. This is a good play that can go down in the history of opera, and it will never go out of style when it is performed. ”

A still from the opera "Red Boat". Photo courtesy of Zhejiang Performing Arts Group

"I have a dream, there will always be a day, the belief that the people will be happy, the nation will be rejuvenated, and the people will be prosperous and strong; I have a dream that one day, China will finally stand up and stand on top of the world. I made a grand wish, praying from the bottom of my heart, this dream is not far away, this dream will come true..." The theme song of the play "I Have a Dream" runs through the whole play, and when the theme song of the curtain call is sung by everyone again, the atmosphere of the audience is once again pushed to a climax. Director Huang Dingshan said: "How to vividly portray historical figures is extremely difficult, but through hard work, the play finally presents on the stage the profound theme of the party setting sail from the red boat of Nanhu Lake to lead the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation." ”

It is reported that since its inception, the opera "Red Boat" has been performed nearly 100 times online and offline as far as the north and south of the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang and as far as remote small counties in Zhejiang, becoming the brand endorsement of Zhejiang Song and Dance Theater. The play vividly expresses the realist tradition and artistic spirit of Chinese opera, and conveys the unique charm of "this" art with "this one" work. (End)