Hangzhou, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- Inherit love and continue the spirit of "West Lake Lao Ge". On September 18th, the handover ceremony of "West Lake LaoGe" was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang West Lake Scenic Area.

The scene of the handover ceremony of "West Lake Lao Ge". Photo courtesy of Flower Port Management Office

On the same day, the Third Party Branch of the West Lake Scenic Area Flower Port Management Office specially invited the first generation of "West Lake Lao Ge" Zhou Xiangjun to hold a ceremony for the new generation of "West Lake Lao Ge" Fang Xinyao and Zhu Dejian.

As a famous tourist attraction, West Lake Scenic Area is an Internet celebrity check-in place for tourists to visit Hangzhou. The scenic area is full of tourists, only the Sudi scenic area, the number of tourists every day is more than 10,000. As part of the core scenic spot of West Lake, the Huagang jurisdiction is dotted with large and small attractions, dense water nets, and many water bodies, and it is inevitable that tourists will accidentally drop important objects such as mobile phones into the water.

At this time, "West Lake Laoge" came into being. This is a team of local police and scenic area managers, and when tourists fall into the West Lake, they will help tourists to salvage them for free.

"West Lake Laoge" dates back 17 years. At that time, a veteran of the Anti-Japanese War went to West Lake to play, accidentally dropped his mobile phone into the water, and turned to Zhou Xiangjun, a scenic police officer who was on duty. Zhou Xiangjun immediately found tools to salvage the mobile phone and returned it to him.

In the following 17 years, Zhou Xiangjun helped tourists salvage more than 880 overboard items, and won the gratitude of many tourists. Over time, the name of "West Lake Lao Ge" gradually spread. At the same time, Zhou Xiangjun also led many colleagues to join the industry, and there are more and more "West Lake Lao Ge", jointly passing this love to tourists from all over the world.

Today, the spirit of "Lao Ge" continues. At the handover ceremony on the same day, in addition to the handover of the salvage rods of the new and old generation of "West Lake LaoGe", "West Lake LaoGe" also sent 5 professional salvage rods to the Flower Port Management Office to make sufficient preparations for the increase in the number of tourists in West Lake during the Hangzhou Asian Games.

The first generation of "West Lake Lao Ge" Zhou Xiangjun explained salvage skills and equipment assembly to the inheritors. Photo courtesy of Flower Port Management Office

Not only that, Zhou Xiangjun also combined theory and practice at the scene, and explained salvage skills and equipment assembly in detail to the two inheritors.

At present, the pace of the Hangzhou Asian Games is approaching. Zhou Xiangjun hopes that the new generation of "West Lake LaoGe" can use tools more skillfully, help Chinese and foreign tourists more enthusiastically, carefully and sincerely, enhance the image of front-line management personnel in the West Lake scenic spot, show the style of the Hangzhou Asian Games, provide citizens and tourists with help and services within their ability, and convey the beauty and warmth of West Lake to tourists from all over the world at the same time. (End)