China News Network Lu Liang, September 9 Topic: The days after relocation: Equal importance to living in peace and happiness

Written by Fan Lifang Xiao Jiwang

Under the sunlight, the red and yellow buildings in the Shengxiang Anju Community of the resettlement site of Fangshan County, Luliang, Shanxi, are particularly eye-catching. The community has resettled 542,1098 people from 324 households in Wudong Town and 1064,<> people from <> households in Mafang Town, making it the largest resettlement community in the local area and the most extensive and complete resettlement area for relocation.

In the Shengxiang Anju community of the resettlement site of Fangshan County, Luliang, Shanxi, the red and yellow buildings are particularly eye-catching. Photo by Hao Pengfei

Fangshan County was once a national-level poverty county, and after the whole county was lifted out of poverty in 2018, it became a key county for rural revitalization. How to solve the employment problem of relocated residents? How to avoid "living in a new house and living the old life"?

In response to this, the county went out many times and decided to bring in a production company, build a "factory" in the village, and deliver the work to the doorstep.

Weaving, sewing, packaging, walking into the help workshop of Fangshan County Zhikang Luggage Co., Ltd., a busy scene. Liao Yongkang, the head of the company, said that at present, more than 50 women in the workshop are employed nearby, with an average age of 45.

"After the needle and thread are put on here, it is not difficult to press those buttons again." Zhang Haiyan, a 46-year-old housewife who used to live on subsistence allowances, is now a sewing worker in the help workshop, "I moved from Yaoshang Village in Mafang Town and settled in the Shengxiang Anju community. ”

In Fangshan County, there are many other poverty alleviation households like Zhang Haiyan, who have acquired skills through training and go to work in the help workshop in front of their homes.

Wang Qiang, head of the Fangshan County Rural Revitalization Bureau, said that up to now, 10 help workshops have been identified in the county. Among them, Shengxiang Anju Community has two help workshops of Fangshan County Azure Garment Co., Ltd. and Fangshan County Zhikang Luggage Co., Ltd.

At present, the two support workshops mentioned above have brought more than 200 women to nearby employment. The "three-turn aunt" who revolves around the pot counter, husband, and children, learns industrial skills and achieves employment at the doorstep. "It's a completely different way of living than before, so it's more meaningful and valuable." Cao Shuqin is very satisfied with her current life, now she has been working in the workshop for 3 years, and her monthly salary can reach 2800 yuan.

At present, the help workshop in Fangshan County can solve the employment of nearly 800 people, and its annual income is about 2,<> yuan. Photo by Xiao Jiwang

According to statistics, at present, the help workshop in Fangshan County can solve the employment of nearly 800 people, and its annual income is about 2,<> yuan.

The emergence of the help workshop not only solves the problem of difficult employment for people in difficulty, but also solves the dilemma of low village collective income, and realizes the effective connection between consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

Yan Jianlong, secretary of the party committee of Wudong Town, Fangshan County, said that the local area will continue to improve and expand follow-up industries, broaden employment channels, focus on nearby resettlement, solve the employment of left-behind labor, and make the life of relocated people as good as possible. (End)