【Commentary】Instructor, patient, humorous, conspicuous bag, sunshine boy... These are the "labels" on the Taiwanese youth Jian Youlin. Most of these "labels" are derived from students' evaluations. As a teacher of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Joint Examination Training Institution, Kan Youlin maintains a mentor-friendly relationship with students and is committed to becoming their "guide" for studying in the mainland. A few days ago, a reporter from the China News Agency visited Jian Youlin in Fuzhou.

【During the same period】Taiwanese teacher Jian Youlin

I think one of the things that is particularly good about coming to the mainland is that you can have an opportunity to go to a big platform, you will know a lot of excellent people around you, and then they will subtly affect a lot of your values in this process, the students in the mainland they are a little very good, they are very able to bear hardships and stand hard work, and then they know very well what they have to do, then in this process, the impact on us is actually very far-reaching, subtly influenced by these people, you know that I should do the same. So I think this is different from, for example, if you study in Taiwan.

In 2002, Jian Youlin, who was still in the second grade of primary school, followed her parents from Kaohsiung, Taiwan to live in Beijing. In Beijing, he completed his primary, junior high and high school studies. Subsequently, Jian Youlin passed the Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese Joint Recruitment Examination and entered Beihang University to study. After graduation, it was precisely because he saw the development prospects of the mainland that he chose to come to Fuzhou to work and intend to take root here.

【During the same period】Taiwanese teacher Jian Youlin

It feels very good, because like I live in that Taiwanese apartment now, and then we are all Taiwanese over there, and then the rental houses over there are very cheap, and any problems can be timely feedback, and the rental site including decoration can be subsidized by the government. It feels like they can land on the ground, work and they have a lot of policy support, so I chose to work here.

After coming to work in Fuzhou, Jian Youlin devoted herself to the teaching of the Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese Joint Examination, "guiding the way" for more Taiwan students to study in the mainland and helping them realize their dreams. Jian Youlin told reporters that the mainland's vast market and rich educational resources are very attractive to Taiwan students. Compared with when he took the joint examination, more and more Taiwanese students are now studying in the mainland.

【During the same period】Taiwanese teacher Jian Youlin

I think one is the market, the other is the teaching resources and educational resources here, because the emphasis on education here is better than Taiwan, and the rankings of universities in the mainland have been rushing up in the world in recent years, then like Taiwan's best on NTU that may have been ranked out of the hundred, then the educational resources here will be more attractive to Taiwanese to study and work here, so that the number of people is slowly increasing, like maybe the first two years because of the epidemic, Taiwanese student unions are relatively few, because of the epidemic they are very inconvenient, but like these two years, especially since this year, the number of people has quickly increased.

In the interview, Jian Youlin frankly said that he is a "comer", and his study career in the mainland has benefited him a lot, and he also hopes to share his experience with more Taiwanese students who participate in the joint examination tutoring to help them get into their ideal universities.

【During the same period】Taiwanese teacher Jian Youlin

I came to Beijing in 2002, and then the construction of Taiwan at that time and I go back now, there is actually no big change in infrastructure, it is not like Beijing in '02 and Beijing today are completely two concepts. So I can see that the development of the mainland has been very rapid for so many years, but Taiwan's economy is relatively stagnant, which is why more and more Taiwanese are willing to work and study here, a very important reason, I am ready to take root in the mainland, because I feel that I am doing this work now gives me a strong sense of achievement. Because I can help a lot of Taiwanese, because I studied all the way, I went from elementary school to university graduation to work, I feel that my path is completely my own way, I have a lot of experience to share with my students, I think this is a very meaningful thing, for me.

Reporter Wu Shengwei reported from Fuzhou, Fujian

Responsible Editor: [Liu Pai]