On the 18th of Respect for the Aged Day, a local university student held an event in the shopping district of Sugamo, Tokyo, where elderly people could enjoy nails and rakugo.

This event was held by students studying social welfare at Taisho University at a café in the shopping district of Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.

In the nail corner, a trainee trimmed the shape of an elderly woman's nails with a file, colored them in purple and red, and carefully treated them.

The woman was asked by a student "Where are you from?" and "What color do you want?" and they seemed to be having a pleasant conversation.

In addition, rakugo by rakugo artist Rakuhei Tachikawa was also performed, and there was loud laughter from the audience.

When the students asked 100 elderly people in this shopping street if they were looking forward to Respect for the Aged Day, many said that they were lonely alone or that there was nothing special, so this was the first time they planned this event.

An 81-year-old woman from Yokohama City said, "I usually do mahjong, so I asked for nails because I thought my hands would stand out. I want to stay healthy and healthy forever."

A fourth-year male student who planned the event said, "I am happy and enjoy myself when people say that they cheer up with a cheerful expression when they see their nails.