Philippe Simo (Invest in the Country) The diaspora must create more wealth in Africa


Multi-entrepreneur and investor in Africa © RFI

Multi-entrepreneur and successful investor, Philippe Simo has decided to become a standard-bearer of the African diaspora. Thanks to his YouTube channel "Investir Au Pays", which is a huge success (more than 850,000 subscribers), this Cameroonian, born in Douala, provides advice for those who want to create wealth by returning to live or investing their money on the continent. Influencer, speaker, motivator, professional mentor, he develops many businesses in his country (Cameroon) but also now in Côte d'Ivoire, while waiting for the realization of his projects at the microphone Sénégal.Au Bruno Faure and Julien Clémençot (Eco d'ici Eco d'ailleurs on RFI), Philippe Simo first reveals the secrets of his personal journey: his academic difficulties in high school, his years as an employee in large French companies (after almost moving to Russia), the recipes of his success today. In the second part of the interview, the organizer of the Back to Africa 2023 event (( reveals the ideas that he believes can allow members of the African diaspora to break through when they return home. The show is punctuated by the interventions of expert personalities such as Rebecca Enonchong, Stanislas Zeze or Duplex Kamgang.


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