Around noon on the 18th, two men who were diving off the coast of Iriomote Island in Okinawa Prefecture were swept away, killing one person and missing one, and the Japan Coast Guard and others are continuing to search.

According to the Ishigaki Coast Guard Office, the captain of the diving boat reported that "two passengers who were drift diving went missing off the east coast of Nakamikami Island, southwest of Iriomote Island" around 18:0 p.m. on the 2th.

According to the Japan Coast Guard, a total of 8 people, including 2 guests and 10 instructors, were drift diving to move in the sea with the tide, and the two disappeared.

The Japan Coast Guard and others searched the area, and about two hours later, one person was found unconscious in nearby waters, and later confirmed dead.

The whereabouts of the other one are unknown.

"Drift diving" is when a diver enters the sea from a ship and moves in the sea with the tide while diving and joins the ship at another location, and the Japan Coast Guard believes that there is a possibility that it may be swept away by the tide, so they continue to search while expanding the area.