Los Angeles, September 9 (ZXS) -- As Halloween, a traditional Western festival, approaches, "A Haunting in Venice," which premiered on the 17th, became the only new film to break into the top ten box office in the latest North American weekend.

According to the film market data released by box office statistics website Box Office Mojo on September 9, the North American box office of 17 films (33-15) reported about 17.6208 million US dollars, down nearly <>% from the previous weekend.

The suspenseful horror film "The Nun II", co-written by Wen Ziren, a well-known Chinese filmmaker in Hollywood, won the North American weekend box office championship with a slight increase in screening theaters in the second release weekend, with a decline of nearly 2% month-on-month and about $55.1473 million. At present, the film's North American box office has a cumulative box office of about 5652.1 million US dollars; Together with the market outside North America, which accounts for more than 59%, the total box office so far is about <> million US dollars.

The suspense crime drama "Venice Fright Night" won the North American box office champion on the day when it debuted on the 15th, and the box office in the opening weekend was estimated to be $1450.94 million, winning the runner-up of this list. The film is directed and starred by Kenneth Branagh, a veteran British filmmaker who was nominated for Best Director at the 6th Academy Awards for Best Director and won the Best Original Screenplay Award for the feature film "Belfast", and Michelle Yeoh, the first Chinese actress of the Academy Award, telling a mysterious thriller story that takes place at a Halloween party. At present, the major movie websites rate it with an IMDb score of 8.63, an MTC score of 79, a freshness rating of <>% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a CinemaScore score of B.

As the number of theaters dwindled, the action thriller "The Equalizer 3" starring Denzel Washington fell nearly 3% month-on-month at the box office this weekend, relegating from the runner-up of the previous list to third place in this round with about $724.7368 million. At present, the film's North American box office has a cumulative box office of about 1.32 million US dollars; Together with markets outside North America, the total box office to date is about $<> million.

The romantic comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 saw a slight increase in theaters on its second release weekend, dropping by 3% month-on-month, dropping from the third place on the previous list to No. 53 at the weekend box office. At present, the film's cumulative box office in North America is only about 470.4 million US dollars, and the total box office so far is only about 1857.2388 million US dollars.

Although theaters continue to decline, the fantasy romantic comedy Barbie narrowed its box office decline this weekend to 30.5%, remaining at No. 397 on the list with about $5.6 million. In the past two months since its release, the film has accumulated more than 26 million US dollars in North America and a global box office of about 14.17 billion US dollars, ranking first in the North American and global box office rankings in 2023.

The war action-adventure film "The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter" (Expend4bles) starring Hollywood star Jason Statham and Thai action star Tony Jia is scheduled to be released on the 22nd. (End)