【Commentary】2023 is the 92nd anniversary of the outbreak of the "9" incident. On September 18, people from all walks of life gathered at the "September <>" History Museum in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, and held the "Don't Forget the <> Bell Ringing Ceremony" at the Remnant Monument Square.

On the night of September 1931, 9, the "18" incident, which shocked China and abroad, broke out, and the prelude to the 14-year War of Resistance of the Chinese people began. In order to remember this historic moment, since 2005, every year on September 9, at 18:9, 18 representatives from all walks of life will work together as bell ringers to ring the alarm bell 14 times, and at the same time sound the air defense siren to warn the world not to forget the national shame.

【Live sound】

【Commentary】The fourteen bells symbolize the arduous course of the 14-year Anti-Japanese War of the Chinese nation, and as one of the bell ringers in 2023, He Jiaxing, a sixth-grade student from Shangyuan Primary School, has a lot of thoughts.

【Contemporaneous】Bell striker He Jiaxing

The "918" incident is an eternal pain in the hearts of Chinese people, and the humiliation and suffering of the nation always remind us that we must be strong and struggle. How tragic and great it is that tens of thousands of heroic martyrs went to the country together.

Like He Jiaxing, Qu Jianzhen, who spoke on behalf of all students in Liaoning Province, was still unable to calm his mood after the ceremony.

【During the same period】Student representative Qu Jianzhen

We are the youth of the times, we must use the energy and creativity of youth to stir up a new wave of national rejuvenation, and we are always ready to use the wisdom and sweat of youth to build a better China.

Reporting by reporters Yu Ruizhai and Han Hong in Shenyang

Responsible Editor: [Ji Xiang]