Europe 1 18:00, 18 September 2023

Each week, a dish of the day is made by a chef for our guest. The bon vivant Bernard Werber is the guest of the Table des Bons vivants this week. He is to be discovered on stage, with his show "Voyage Intérieur" at the Théâtre de la Gaîté Montparnasse in Paris and through his new novel: Le temps des chimères published by Éditions Albin Michel (released on September 27th). At our table, this lover of Japanese cuisine will discover the vegetable curry of Chihiro Yamazaki, the executive chef of Irasshai in Paris. An extraordinary place of 800m² dedicated to Japanese culinary culture. On the program: grocery store, canteen, café, cocktail bar and a gourmet restaurant that will open in October.

The recipe can be found on

Recipe for veggi curry

For 4 people

- 2pc sliced onions

- 30g rice oil

- 20g sugar

- 15 g turmeric

- 50 g chopped button mushrooms

- 5g grated garlic

- 10g grated fresh ginger

- 50g mashed tomato

- 20g Worcestershire sauce

- 300ml red wine

- 500ml of water

- 30g vegetable dashi

- 25g honey

- 15 g soy sauce (gluten-free)


- 40g rice oil

- 60 g flour

- 40 g curry powder (togarashi Japanese pepper included)

- 20 g chili powder

- 20 g galam masala


- lotus root (cooking with rice flour)

- Shiitake

- soybean sprouts


-sweet potato


- mini corn


- gourmet peas

- kabocha(Japanese pumpkin)

rice 200g/persson (HAENUKI YAMAGATA)