At Ise Jingu Shrine in Mie Prefecture, an event was held in which junior high and high school student volunteers assisted in wheelchair worship so that even wheelchair users could easily visit the shrine.

On the 4th, which was held for the first time in four years due to the influence of the new coronavirus, about 18 local junior high and high school students participated in volunteer activities.

The participants, divided into groups of about four, not only pushed from behind, but also tied a towel to the front wheel and pulled it to move on a gravel road that is difficult for wheelchairs to move.

There is a long stone staircase in front of the main shrine in the Inner Temple, but after placing the front wheels on the steps, the rear wheels were lifted and moved one step at a time.

A female student who participated said, "It was difficult to push, lift, and move the wheelchair, but it was a good experience."

A 1-year-old woman who provided assistance said, "I couldn't be happier that young people are working so hard, and it's great to be able to visit today."

Ken Kuroda, president of the organization that organized the event, said, "I want young people to get used to using wheelchairs on a daily basis so that they can help people in emergencies."