Solène Delinger 08:00, September 18, 2023

The first two episodes of "66-5", the new judicial series of Canal +, are broadcast this Friday, September 8 on the encrypted channel. Alice Isaaz plays the role of Roxane, a 32-year-old lawyer who works with her husband Samuel Bauer in a prestigious Parisian business firm. Her life turns upside down the day Samuel is accused of rape. Roxane will then flee her environment to reinvent herself as a criminal lawyer in Bobigny, where she defends dealers.

On the occasion of the release of the series 66-5 this Monday, September 18 on Canal +, Europe 1 met Alice Isaaz, who brilliantly embodies Roxane, a lawyer with a strong character and a complex personality. A role of modern heroine that sticks to the skin of its interpreter, only 32 years old, and already a dazzling career ... Interview.

Did you enjoy wearing the avocado dress? Is this a job you could have done?

I loved wearing the lawyer's robe because I think it's a fascinating job. But I could never have been a lawyer in real life because I'm too much of a sponge. I wonder how lawyers do when they work for long periods of time for clients with whom they do not necessarily have an affinity. They still have their future in their hands! In their place, I don't know if I would be able to ignore my sensitivity. I admire that they put justice first.

How did you approach the pleading scenes?

I really saw this exercise as a mise en abyme of my own profession. Lawyers become actors when they plead. They've been working for weeks, months, even years and all of a sudden they go on stage and they don't get a second chance. I approached it like that to find fun and a form of sincerity. Then, I did a lot of research because there are many legal terms and this universe was totally foreign to me. And I also tried to bring life to the text so that the audience understands the stakes of the pleadings and that it is quite clear.

You are blonde in life, brunette in the show. Why this physical change?

I made this decision with director Danielle Arbid. There is a less angelic and stricter side to brown, which corresponds more to Roxane's personality. This change of head helped me put myself in his shoes.

What did you like about the character of Roxane?

I love his strength of character and complexity. Everything falls apart in her life, her husband is accused of rape but she does not give up. She clings to one thing: her profession as a lawyer and her desire to join the Bobigny Bar. She thinks, "I didn't do all this to lose today." There is a desire to assert herself and break down doors. It's very inspiring.

Her husband Samuel accused of rape and it is she who pays for the damage. How do you feel about this injustice?

It's revolting because Roxane is sacrificed to save the reputation of the firm where they both work. The series is very interesting in this regard because it focuses on the point of view of the accused's wife. At first, she defends Samuel, not out of naivety or denial, but because she truly believes him innocent. She will do everything to discover the truth as soon as she has suspicions. And then, there is a rather violent scene that gives the answer to the viewer, even if justice, for its part, has no proof of the guilt of Roxane's husband.

At the end of the series, Roxane is faced with a dilemma...

Yes, and this dilemma corresponds to this question that we often hear: "How can a lawyer defend a monster?" But that's justice! Roxane has the opportunity to defend those who are considered the biggest thugs on the Place de Bobigny. She knows she can have all the biggest cases if she defends them. If we assume that she is careerist, she will make that decision. But, she also has a whole personal history with them compared to her previous client. The end is therefore open for a sequel... if there is one (Laughter)!