Concert audiences have forgotten how one behaves in concert, a number of artists claimed this summer. The audience was accused of, among other things, disrespectful mobile habits and throwing hard objects at the stage.

Now the international debate has gained new momentum in the UK after artist Lucy May Walker shared a flyer on X, formerly Twitter, which she also distributed on her tour. There are a number of rules she wants the audience to follow – such as "don't talk during the concert" and "read the room":

"If you're the only one singing, try not to make it so loud or fake so that you distract people around you."

Storm of criticism

The post went viral and has been heavily criticized. Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Happy Mondays singer Rowetta commented on the post:

"To have a set of rules for a gig that people pay for is honestly awful. You should be a teacher or prison guard instead.

Another concertgoer points out that there are times when the rules cannot be followed, such as in cases of illness – while a third thinks that the requirement is spoiled:

"You're fucking crazy if you think I'm paying for a gig where I'm treated like a fucking toddler."

Several on social media back Lucy May Walker, who in turn defends the post by saying that the rules are designed after her tour that takes place in front of a small audience.


Swedish artist Bell believes Lucy May Walker has a "good point" with the rules.

"But it's a bit harsh to have a list of rules. It's like you agree to something to go to this concert, she says to SVT Kulturnyheterna and adds:

– It should be obvious and not on the artist. You won't see me handing out flyers about how my audience should behave.

Bell has played extensively since his breakthrough, and feels that the climate on stage is harsh. During each gig, people throw things on stage, hear her tell more in the clip above.