China News Network Hainan Lingshui, September 9 (Wang Xiaobin, Wu Qingjian) The reporter learned from the fire rescue brigade of Lingshui Li Autonomous County in Hainan Province on the 18th that an investigation team member of Hainan Diaoluoshan was successfully found by rescuers after missing contact in the rainforest for 18 days, with normal vital signs and consciousness.

The rangers are lifeless and conscious. Photo by Wu Qingjian

At 9:14 on September 19, the command center of the Lingshui County Fire Rescue Brigade received an alarm from the Diaoluoshan Branch of the Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park Administration: a person located in the Diaoluoshan National Forest Park in Benhao Town, Lingshui County was missing and needed assistance in the search.

After receiving the alarm, the command center immediately dispatched 1 fire truck and 6 fire rescue personnel from the coconut forest fire station to the scene for search and rescue. After the fire and rescue personnel arrived at the scene, it was learned that the man was Liang (male, 35 years old), a plant-like land investigator, who lost his way in the forest at noon on September 9 due to weather conditions. In the afternoon of the same day, the Diaoluoshan Branch Bureau organized two groups of personnel to go into the mountain to look for unsuccessful results, so they called the police for help. After the fire fighting force arrived at the scene, the staff of the Diaoluoshan Branch and the Lingshui County Emergency Management Bureau studied and judged the situation of Yamagata and the missing persons, and it was late at that time, and the road area and road area that entered the Nanxi management and protection area of Diaoluoshan could not enter, and the fire fighting force was temporarily withdrawn first.

Rescuers search for missing rangers in the rainforest. Photo by Wu Qingjian

On the morning of September 9, fire rescue personnel, the on-site county emergency bureau, the Diaoluoshan Forest Public Security, Diaoluoshan rangers and local guide staff formed four groups of search and rescue teams, and entered the Diaoluoshan forest at the same time to look for the missing person. After more than 15 hours of searching and rescuing into the mountain, none of the 4 rescue forces found Liang.

In order to speed up the progress of search and rescue, on September 9, fire rescue personnel and relevant rescue departments at the scene formed five search and rescue teams, dispatched two search and rescue dogs, and used satellite phones, drones and other equipment to carry out dragnet search. But until the 16th, the rescue team never found a trace of Liang.

Rescuers search for missing rangers in the rainforest. Photo by Wu Qingjian

At 9:18 on September 12, four days after missing contact, rescuers found Liang about one kilometer away from the mountain exit. When Liang was found, he was bitten and bleeding from leeches in many places on his body, but he was conscious. Subsequently, the rescuers safely returned Liang to the Tianchi Resort in Diaoluoshan to join the rescue team and provided him with water and food. After preliminary examination, Liang's vital signs were normal. (End)