Solène Delinger 16:51 pm, September 18, 2023

Guillaume Canet confided last weekend on his relationship with Marion Cotillard, once in the columns of the Parisian then on France 2. The actor took the opportunity to respond to the rumors of separation surrounding their couple...

Guillaume Canet puts the dots on the "i". On the occasion of the promotion of his new film Acide, at the cinema this Wednesday, September 20, the actor answered the questions of the readers of the Parisian. Some of them dared to put their feet in the dish by asking him, in a very cash way, if he was still in a relationship with Marion Cotillard, his companion since 2007.

"We have a normal parent's life"

Rumors of separation have been circulating for several months in the press... "It's my private life, it's my business. I can just tell you that we are a normal family, with difficult times to go through, reconstructions... and that everything is fine", replied Guillaume Canet, before adding: "I take the children to school every morning, we have a normal parent's life". Then to conclude: "It is not because I make films that I have the need to talk about my life: I do not belong to anyone".

"It's very impressive to share her life with her"

On the evening of the publication of the interview, Sunday, September 17, Guillaume Canet paid a real tribute to Marion Cotillard during her appearance on the show 20:30 on Sunday on France 2. "Marion Cotillard, she bluffs you both in your life and in her career?" asked Laurent Delahousse. "Yes, in life too, because she makes an extraordinary path and in her career, I am extremely admiring," replied the actor, obviously still madly in love with the mother of his children.

"Sometimes I have trouble having perspective... Because the fact that we live together, that we have children together, I do not see the underside of work. We are both very hardworking, we are passionate about what we do. It's true that every time, I'm completely captivated by the intensity she puts into her characters and the work she puts in to live up to what is asked of her. (...) I'm very, very impressed with the woman, the actress and it's very impressive to share her life with her," he added.

Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet have been together since 2007 and have two children together, Marcel, born in 2011, and Louise, who was born in 2017.