Julien Pichené, with Solène Delinger 10:55 am, September 18, 2023

France Télévisions launches this Monday, September 18 "C quoi l'info?", a daily news for 12-18 year olds. This new news event will be broadcast on social networks and the Franceinfo channel. Small peculiarity of this newspaper: journalists will give their opinion.

The name of this new news event that France Télévisions is launching today is C quoi l'info?. It will be posted every day at 18pm on YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok before also being broadcast on channel 27, the Franceinfo channel. It is a five-minute diary formatted for 12-18 year olds. Obviously, you have to choose the subjects well, adapt the vocabulary well. You have to adapt a more direct tone, too.

Journalists who give their opinion

Nacer Boubeker, 29, will be one of the two presenters of C quoi l'info?. He is familiar with the world of short videos and social networks. He was also spotted by France Télévisions during the confinement by posting videos on TikTok. But he acknowledges that it will be a very special job. Culture Médias asked him about this during the presentation of the program in the premises of France TV. "It's quite a challenge because you really have to explain. There is a real effort of pedagogy on all the terms we use to make the information clearer and go more frankly, "he explained to the microphone of Europe 1.


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"Go much more frankly" can also mean: give your opinion. During the rehearsals of recent days, the other journalist who will ensure the presentation of this short program for young people, Camille Dahan, did not hesitate to give his opinion on certain information. "We will give his feelings. When I heard that Paul Pogba was doping, I was very disappointed and I said so. And indeed, it works and it does not shock the 18-year-old that we give our opinion, "she assured in Culture Media.

Camille Dahan, whom the faithful of Télématin know well. She is a cultural columnist. She will therefore be one of the two faces of this youth news from today.