Zhongxin Wanghai, September 9 (Reporter Chen Jing) Oral diseases are one of the most prevalent chronic diseases and have become a major challenge in the field of public health.

Liu Wenjuan, director of the Department of Stomatology of Shanghai Xuhui District Central Hospital, told reporters on the 16th that there are always some oral problems hidden behind toothache, such as periodontal disease, cracks, dental caries, etc. Periodontal disease is one of the main causes of tooth loss in middle-aged and elderly people in China. She stressed that to stop the development of periodontal disease, it is necessary to remove calculus first.

The reporter learned that at the special event of the Shanghai Health Lecture Hall of the "Healthy Life National Action" 2023 National Healthy Lifestyle Month, the expert explained that teeth can "stand on their heels" steadily, all supported by periodontal tissues. If a tooth is compared to a tree, periodontal tissue is the soil around the root of the tree. However, under the long-term action of bacteria, periodontal tissues will produce an inflammatory response, and the teeth will slowly loosen and fall out.

Liu Wenjuan, Director of the Department of Stomatology of Xuhui District Central Hospital, shared scientific knowledge on maintaining oral health with the public. (Photo courtesy of Shanghai Health Promotion Center)

The Fourth National Epidemiological Survey of Oral Health showed that the detection rate of dental calculus in the adult group over 35 years old in China was higher. Liu Wenjuan told reporters that dental calculus is an important causative factor of periodontal disease, which is plaque and tartar that have been calcified on the surface of teeth. Dental calculus can cause bleeding gums, loss of alveolar bone, exposed roots, tooth sensitivity, and weakened chewing power.

"Calculus is not easily removed by brushing, but by cleaning. It is recommended that you develop the good habit of regular dental cleaning, the frequency of which can be determined by personal circumstances, preferably once a year or two years. Liu Wenjuan introduced, "Patients with moderate or above periodontitis will feel that their teeth are loose, soft, leaking, and sensitive 1 to 2 weeks after cleaning, which are caused by calculus being washed off." At this time, it is recommended to use anti-allergic toothpaste and brush your teeth with warm water, which can relieve the sensitivity discomfort. In order to keep her teeth clean, Liu Wenjuan recommends that "office workers" prepare a dental rinser in the office and clean between their teeth every day after meals. For middle-aged and elderly people with a higher incidence of food impaction, an interdental brush can be carried with you, and use it after meals to clean the gap between the teeth.

The autumn breeze is gradually rising, and it is crab season. Liu Wenjuan introduced that every year during the crab season, the stomatology department of the hospital will "usher" many patients with cracked and loose teeth, who often accidentally hurt their teeth when eating hairy crabs. Liu Wenjuan reminded: "It is recommended that everyone use crab removal tools when eating crabs, which can better protect their teeth." If a tooth is broken, try to reduce chewing or straining in the area and make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible. ”

The 35th National Love Day is approaching, and this year's theme is: "Oral Health, Whole Body Health"; The sub-theme is: "Care for the elderly mouth, enjoy a healthy life". The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission said that Shanghai's population is aging and the oral health problems of the elderly cannot be ignored. According to the data of the fourth national oral health epidemiological survey, the caries rate of permanent teeth in the elderly aged 65-74 in Shanghai is high, and the periodontal health rate is low.

The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission carried out the city-level "National Love Teeth Day" theme publicity activities. (Issued by Shanghai Municipal Health Commission)

Oral diseases are closely linked to whole-body health. Studies have shown that infections and inflammatory factors in the mouth can exacerbate chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease. Common oral diseases such as caries and periodontal disease not only affect the functions of chewing, speech, and aesthetics, but also cause social communication difficulties and psychological disorders. Oral diseases have a more serious impact on the elderly group and will significantly reduce the quality of life of the elderly.

The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission said that the Shanghai Municipal Government has always attached great importance to the oral health of the elderly, and many years ago, it has included "carrying out oral health management for the elderly, strengthening the establishment and management of oral health of elderly patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, and promoting comprehensive prevention and treatment services for oral diseases of the elderly" into the "Healthy Shanghai Action (2019-2030)". Shanghai has successively organized and implemented projects such as full denture restoration for the poor elderly and optimization of the oral health service model of "one old and one small" to promote the improvement of the oral health of the elderly; At the same time, extensive oral health education activities for the elderly are carried out, and oral health examinations are explored and optimized in combination with the health examinations of the elderly.

Stomatologists provide free consultations for the public. (Photo courtesy of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission)

During this year's "National Love Teeth Day", Shanghai will focus on the oral health of the elderly, organize a series of publicity activities throughout the city, go deep into communities, elderly care institutions and other key places, publicize and guide the elderly to establish the health concept of early prevention and treatment of oral diseases, help the elderly master the correct oral health care methods, and develop good oral hygiene habits. On the same day, at the scene of the municipal "National Love Teeth Day" theme publicity activity, the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission carried out interactive oral health science popularization, and 30 well-known dental experts in Shanghai will provide free consultation services for the public. (End)