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Obstructions and traffic jams on Monday morning in Berlin: Members of the Last Generation have blocked roads in the capital as announced. The police reported 21 blockades.

Bus services were also affected.

Already on Sunday, the climate activists had sprayed the columns of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin with paint.

Videos of a harsh police operation against members of the group are circulating on Twitter. Apparently, some also wanted to get to the Brandenburg Gate from a crane.

The police took action against the activists with around 40 forces. There have been 14 arrests. It is now being investigated for joint damage to property.

The area around the Berlin landmark was cordoned off extensively.

Union and SPD politicians sharply criticized the color attack. Passers-by reacted differently to the action.:

"I actually think this sign is good, and at this time we also need this cohesion among people."

"It doesn't work for me. For me, this is actually pure terrorism. I don't understand how something like this is not classified as terrorism. I don't know what they're trying to achieve with it."

"I'm also a car driver myself. I think it's totally okay that we are sometimes made aware of what we are doing when we use traffic so much.«

The cleaning of the landmark began on Sunday afternoon and is expected to take several days, according to media reports.