Original title: Detailed breakdown according to five categories: policy-friendly, service-friendly, rights-friendly, space-friendly and environment-friendly

The construction of child-friendly cities has set 137 annual goals

Recently, the Office of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Municipal Working Committee on Women and Children, together with 36 relevant responsible departments, sorted out and formed the "Beijing Child Friendly City Construction Implementation Plan" 2023 Work Ledger, which is broken down according to the "five friendly" to form 137 annual specific work goals.

Among them, 14 items are "policy-friendly". For example, in promoting children's consultation and deliberation and increasing children's participation, we actively carry out activities such as "street housekeepers" and "mock CPPCC proposals" to guide children to participate in grassroots social governance and social and public affairs; In terms of aggregating diverse forces to serve the children of the capital, we will actively promote the construction of volunteer "sunshine stations" and juvenile protection stations, and promote the development of volunteer services and professional services for the elderly.

42 items of "service-friendly". For example, in optimizing the supply of inclusive childcare, we will further strengthen the top-level design and pilot demonstration, and plan to create 55 childcare demonstration institutions to support kindergartens with conditions to open kindergartens to enroll 2 to 3-year-old children; In terms of continuing to promote the high-quality and balanced development of basic education, it is planned to promote a number of primary and secondary school construction projects in Xicheng, Fangshan, Shunyi, Miyun and other districts, adding 2,2023 primary and secondary school places; In terms of improving the level and convenience of children's medical services, continue to promote the construction of the sixth batch of close-knit pediatric medical alliances and community health service centers, and focus on expanding the scope of construction of mother-and-child-friendly hospitals and children's health-friendly communities; In terms of children's public cultural and sports supply, organize and carry out a series of brand activities such as the 2023 Beijing Red Scarf Reading, the <> "Beauty Education Fangcao" Youth Art Festival, and the Capital Library Reading, and build a number of sports and fitness activity venues such as football and basketball throughout the city, and hold a series of diversified youth sports events.

15 items of "rights friendly". For example, in the care and protection of children in difficulty, we have established an information ledger for children in difficulty, continued to carry out family visits to children in difficulty, and the "Blessing Cai Dream Fulfillment" education assistance project, and increased the basic living guarantee for seriously ill and disabled children from families in difficulty; In terms of improving rehabilitation services for children with disabilities, continue to improve the comprehensive guarantee system for rehabilitation services for children with disabilities, increase the intensity of disability screening for children aged 0 to 6, and improve the ability and level of services for children with mental disorders.

26 items of "space friendly". For example, in strengthening the child-appropriate transformation of urban public spaces, the city-wide construction of a number of all-age-friendly parks, pocket parks, leisure parks, urban forests, small and micro green spaces and children's activity venues in sports parks will be promoted, and a number of nature education facilities and sites will be built in the city's nature reserves, promote the transformation of child-friendly spaces in green partition parks, and improve children's safe entertainment facilities and signage systems; In the construction of child-friendly communities, fully stimulate the vitality of women's homes, children's homes, parents' schools and other positions, and improve the capacity and level of community services; In terms of improving the safe travel of children, the focus is on the perimeter of the campus, widely set up pedestrian crossing facilities, improve pedestrian crossing markings and pedestrian crossing prompt signs, and promote the creation of a number of demonstration safe access roads.

40 items of "environmental friendliness". For example, in creating a healthy and harmonious family environment, we will continue to promote the construction of a "whole-process advanced accompaniment" parent training work system, and promote the first online platform for family education guidance in courts across the country; In terms of building a campus environment that grows up with peace of mind, carry out special actions such as "protecting the campus and safe garden" in 2023, traffic safety facilities around the campus, and legal supervision of the protection of minors, and do a good job in social security and clean rectification around the campus; In creating a sunny and safe social environment, crack down on crimes such as child abduction and trafficking, and continue to promote the prevention and control of bullying in schools; In terms of purifying the online environment, actively carry out a series of activities to rectify the online environment and publicize online whistleblowing, so as to create a clean and clean online environment.

"In the next step, we will give full play to the role of overall planning and coordination, implement the tasks of the detailed work account, continue to promote the construction of a child-friendly city in Beijing, and support a more colorful and beautiful childhood for children." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission said.

Not long ago, 23 departments of the city jointly issued the "Beijing Child Friendly City Construction Implementation Plan", proposing that "by 2025, pilot projects for the construction of national child friendly cities will be carried out in 3 to 5 districts; By 2030, the city will be fully built into a child-friendly city". (Beijing Daily)