Solène Delinger 17:15 pm, September 18, 2023

Fans of "Tomorrow belongs to us" will certainly recognize it: Juliette Tresanini, aka Sandrine Lazzari in the cult series of TF1, becomes a TV host. She will present, from October 6, "OrgasmiQ", a show dedicated to women's sexuality.

Juliette Tresanini, alias Sandrine Lazzari in Tomorrow belongs to us, the cult soap opera of TF1, changes costume... The actress takes control of OrgasmiQ, a show entirely dedicated to women's sexuality, broadcast on the Téva channel. One might be surprised by this professional reconversion of Juliette Tresanini. But, by digging through her CV, we realize that the actress actually knows very well the subjects related to sex.

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A show to uninhibit women

In 2015, she launched the YouTube channel, "Let's talk little, let's talk ass...", with one goal: to talk about sex in a totally uninhibited way. A mission that she will continue on TV with OrgasmiQ. The program seeks to break taboos around female sexuality. Masturbation, free couple, fantasy ... All subjects are put on the table to reassure and uninhibit women.

Last year, comedian Rosa Bursztein hosted the show. In the columns of the Parisian, she was enthused: "It's unheard of on television: an entire show that talks about the sexuality of women, by women, for women. I wish I had come across this kind of program when I was 14 years old!" The comedian had also quickly understood the challenge of OrgasmiQ, which enlightened her on many subjects: "I was so relieved to discover that only 6 women out of 100 reach orgasm by vaginal stimulation alone, that is to say without stimulation of the glans of the clitoris! I was so happy to tell myself that no, I wasn't broken, I wasn't missing the point."

Julia Tresanini takes up the torch of this educational program. She will be surrounded by two "sexpertes": Charline Vermont and Charline Gayault. OrgasmiQ is to be discovered on the Téva channel every Friday evening, from October 6, at 22:30 pm.