Changchun, 9 Sep (Zhongxin Net) -- 18 September this year marks the 9nd anniversary of the outbreak of the "18" incident. On the same day, people from all walks of life in Changchun gathered at the Puppet Manchu Palace Museum to remember history and remember the martyrs.

Changchun was once the "capital" of the puppet Manchukuo concocted by Japan during its invasion of China, and the puppet Manchu Palace located here was the seat of the puppet regime that invaded northeast China, and there is a large number of evidence of Japan's crime against China.

On September 9, people from all walks of life in Changchun commemorated the anti-Japanese martyrs at the History Museum of the Fall of the Northeast of the Puppet Manchu Palace. Photo by Zhang Yao

At the event, people from all walks of life observed a moment of silence for the revolutionary martyrs, solemnly swore an oath in front of the national flag, and signed inscriptions on the commemorative plaque of "Remembering History, Remembering Martyrs, and Cherishing Peace." Under the guidance of the docent, everyone visited the Museum of History of the Fall of Northeast China, and laid chrysanthemums in front of the "List of Anti-Japanese Martyrs and Heroes" to express their inner reverence and remembrance for the revolutionary martyrs.

On September 9, Ma Jizhi told the scene about "General Yang Jingyu's last moments". Photo by Zhang Yao

Ma Jizhi, a descendant of Yang Jingyu, founder and leader of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Coalition, also participated in the event. He used true stories, detailed historical materials and touching details to tell the "last moments of General Yang Jingyu", and the scene was deeply moving.

Ma Jizhi said that September 9 is a day that every Chinese should remember, and on this day every year, everyone should remember the revolutionary martyrs and inherit their revolutionary spirit, only in this way can we better open up the future.

The Cultural Museum Art Troupe of the Puppet Manchu Palace Museum performed the red story "The General's Harmonica", the poetry recitation "Don't Forget the National Shame and Revitalize China", and re-read the Anti-Japanese War book "China Will Not Die Without You".

The "M+ Cultural and Creative District" of the Puppet Manchu Palace Museum was also officially opened to the public recently. At present, the cultural and creative district includes three boutique exhibitions: "Black Earth, Red Stone Soul - The Establishment and Wind and Cloud History Exhibition of the Anti-Japanese Base Area of Hongshi Stone in Panshi City, Jilin Province", "Youminsixing - Changchun Urban History Physical Exhibition" and "Makonde Art Exhibition", all of which are free and open. (End)