Solène Delinger 11:55 am, September 18, 2023

Pascal Obispo was the guest of "Culture Médias" this Monday morning on the occasion of the release of his new album "Le beau qui pleut". At the microphone of Thomas Isle, the 58-year-old singer assured that the return of the musical "The Ten Commandments" would be in the form of a tribute to his friend Daniel Levi, who died on August 6, 2022.

Good news for all fans of the Ten Commandments: the musical composed by Pascal Obispo will be back in... March 2024! This is what the singer said on Monday, September 18 at the microphone of Culture Media. In front of Thomas Isle, Pascal Obispo also gave more details about the show, which will be completely modernized.

"Daniel Levi will be with us"

"We come back in March with Giuliano Peparini as director and choreographer. But, it will be very different. We re-impred the songs. It will be the same songs. I found three unpublished ones. That's it, so we're going to integrate new ones into this new show, still the 40 pages of the Bible, with a new cast," said Pascal Obispo. Lucie's interpreter then spoke about her friend Daniel Lévi, who died on August 6, 2022. He played the role of Moses in the musical. "Daniel will be there, obviously, he will be with us," said the interpreter of Lucie, visibly moved. "I am very unhappy that he is not there for us to resume," said Pascal Obispo who rewrote the show for Daniel, finding unpublished soundtracks of the voice of the singer who succumbed to cancer.


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The Ten Commandments show returns in March 2024 and will be performed until June 4, 2025. "Maybe even until my birthday, January 8, 2025. I will be 60 years old that day...", added Pascal Obispo pretending to choke. The singer has nothing to be ashamed of: he has just celebrated his 40-year career in music and is still as successful. Proof of this, the tickets for his concert at the Olympia are already all sold out...