For the first time in four years, an event was held to cycle around Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, which is about 1 kilometers long, and participants pedaled while touching the rich nature.

This event called "Awaji Island Long Ride 150" was held every year to let people know the charm of Awaji Island through cycling, but due to the influence of the new corona, it was not held for three years until last year.

This was the first time in four years that about 3,4 people, from children to adults, participated.

The participants departed from a park in Awaji City in order to coincide with the sunrise around 1700:5 a.m., and then pedaled as they wished while enjoying the rich natural scenery under the blue sky.

In addition, at the rest areas set up at four places on the island, kamaboko in the shape of Awaji Island were served, and the participants were relieved of their fatigue.

A man in his 4s from Kobe City said, "It was difficult to cross the pass, but I enjoyed running with the other participants, and I will do my best to finish the race safely."

Katsuki Uezaki, the mayor of Sumoto City, Hyogo Prefecture, who chairs the tournament, said, "I hope that people will feel the charm of the island, such as the rich nature of the sea and mountains, and that it will be an opportunity for people to visit Awaji Island."