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Allegations against four players, they were temporarily detained: Real Madrid training ground

Photo: Sergio Perez / REUTERS

Professional footballers from the second and third teams of the Spanish top club Real Madrid have been arrested for allegedly distributing a video of sex scenes with a 16-year-old. This was announced by the police. There are a total of four adult footballers. Their mobile phones had been confiscated, and a judge had later temporarily released them, police said.

Real Madrid released a brief statement in the evening that the club was aware of the arrests and allegations against a total of four of its players. They had allegedly passed on a private video via the instant messaging service WhatsApp.

As soon as the club has more detailed information, it will take appropriate measures, the statement continued. The names of the games were not initially disclosed. Real Madrid spoke of one player from the second team and three players from the third team.

Alleged course of events unclear

Initially, there was uncertainty about the alleged course of events. One of the detainees had filmed, while the others had consensual sex with the teenager, reported the German Press Agency with reference to the newspapers "El Confidencial" and "El País". The young person did not know this and did not agree to its dissemination. The mother of the young people had therefore filed a complaint.

According to the sports information service, which refers to the online newspaper El Confidencial, allegedly only one of the players had sex with the 16-year-old. Two other players are said to have shared the video via WhatsApp. It is therefore unclear whether the fourth is only questioned or accused himself.

In Spain, the unauthorized distribution of images or videos that violate privacy is punishable by up to one year in prison. In Spain, prison sentences of less than two years are often suspended by the courts if the defendant has no criminal record.