Solène Delinger 11:33 am, September 13, 2023

Dadju was the guest of "Culture Media" this Wednesday morning on Europe 1 on the occasion of the release of his documentary "It's going to happen" on Canal +. At the microphone of Thomas Isle, the singer reacted to the terrible earthquake that hit Morocco, the country where he lives with his family.

Morocco is still in shock. On the night of Friday to Saturday, September 9, a violent earthquake hit the country and caused the death of 2,862 people. Invited to the microphone of Europe 1 this Wednesday morning to talk about his documentary "It will happen well", available today on Canal +, Dadju returned to this tragedy. The singer and his brother Gims, who live in Marrakech, are still upset by the tragedy, even if they were not there.

"I know people who have lost loved ones"

"We were on stage with Gims, in the South of France. Leaving the stage, they come to see us running and tell us that there was an earthquake at home, in Marrakech, and that we have no more news of the children. So we were panicked," Dadju recalled on Europe 1. "The next day, we took the first plane, we returned to Morocco to our families and what we saw is simply terrible: we saw people frightened, who are well physically but mentally, the earthquake turned them upside down. These are people who sleep outside because they are afraid of still being inside their homes. And lo and behold, there was damage. I know people who have lost loved ones too, "says the singer, very moved at the microphone of Thomas Isle.

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Dadju's appeal for donations

Dadju then assures that we should not "underestimate" the psychological damage of this tragedy. "The earth shaking is really terrible," he said. "So we are trying to mobilize, Gims and me, with donations. We also try to share information by saying that there are people who really need help in Morocco," concludes the singer.