Guangzhou, 9 Sep (ZXS) -- On 10 September, in Zhengxian Fudao in Baiyun Mountain, Guangzhou, the animation IP image "Zheng Xiaoxian" frequently appeared. In addition to blessing sentences such as "step by step" and "happy koi", the "Zheng Xiaoxian" check-in display board also has Cantonese words such as "to fly".

The 12th "Zhengxian Intangible Cultural Heritage Month" series of activities opened on the same day in Zhengxian Square in Baiyun Mountain, Guangzhou. "Zheng Xiaoxian" is a new "Chao Meng" image created in cartoon form based on the traditional image of "Zheng Xian" by Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area Administration, combined with representative elements such as gourds, cranes and fairy robes.

The "Legend of Zheng Xian" originated from the story of Zheng Anji, a fangshi of the late Qin Dynasty, in order to cure the epidemic of the people, he collected nine calamus on Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou, and accidentally fell off a cliff and flew up a crane. In order to commemorate him, the twenty-fifth day of the seventh lunar month is designated as the "Birthday of Zheng Xian" every year, which has a history of more than 1600,<> years.

On September 9, a live-action scene show telling the "Legend of Zheng Xian" was staged in Guangzhou. Photo by China News Agency reporter Cheng Jingwei

At the event site, the live scene show led the public to travel through thousands of years of time and space, and then read the "Legend of Zheng Xian", carrying forward the benevolent spirit of Zheng Anzhi who sacrificed himself as a doctor. The live-action scene show also uses history as the line to show the stories of celebrities such as Su Shi and Liu Yongfu.

At the same time, the new IP of "Zheng Xiaoxian" was released to the public, and Zheng Xian turned into an anime image with kindness and kindness, and started a trendy play journey with the citizens as "Zheng Xiaoxian".

Zeng Yingfeng, vice president of Guangdong Cultural Society, said that this year's "Zhengxian Intangible Cultural Heritage Month" series of activities incorporate auspicious and peaceful blessings in a trendy way, which will help young people understand Zhengxian culture, promote the development of traditional intangible cultural heritage, and rejuvenate new vitality.

Guangzhou Baiyunshan Scenic Area Administration Bureau has built Zhengxian themed cultural and creative stores, Zhengxian cultural intangible cultural heritage exhibition halls and intangible cultural heritage photography exhibitions in the south gate of Baiyun Mountain, Yunyan, Zhengxian Square and other areas. Baiyun Mountain Peak Square also set up the Intangible Cultural Heritage Yunshan Market, introducing special stalls such as "One Lantern Go" and "Xiaoyao Tea House".

"This year's event focuses more on allowing citizens to immerse themselves in Zhengxian culture." Guo Zeping, deputy director of Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Mingchungu Scenic Area Management Center, said that the scenic spot promotes the integration of Zhengxian stories into cultural and creative products, and Zhengxian themed cultural and creative stores will be open to the public for a long time. (End)