The Ditan Book Market is back, and many citizens pull small carts to pan for books on weekends

On September 9, citizens went to Ditan Park in an endless stream, pulling cars and other tools to visit the Beijing Book Market and come to search for books.

Walking into the Beijing Book Market, citizens pulling suitcases, carts and other tools can be seen everywhere to find books. The booths are also crowded with three floors inside and three layers outside, and some of the narrower passages have to be passed sideways...

At the booth of the children's book exhibition area, there are all kinds of literary books, popular science books, picture books, etc., and reference books such as dictionaries and poetry dictionaries are also very popular. Many children held picture books, and they were fascinated by the fact that they stood for ten minutes. Parents stand on the side of the road and wait, leaving their children alone to read, choose books, and settle bills.

"Is it 35 yuan?" A little girl holds a selected book in one hand and a mobile phone in the other to ask the staff.

"I like history very much, and today I specially asked my mother to bring me to choose books." After settling the account, the little girl excitedly displayed the "Illustrated Art of War" and "National Treasure" in her hand.

The map exhibition area is also very popular, with various versions of world maps, interesting theme maps, tourist maps of provinces and countries, and globes placed dozens of square meters.

"Many people who like to travel have collected the latest version of the map, so we have just revised it this year." The staff of the exhibition area greeted people as they spoke.

Ms. Wang said that before the independent trip, it would be more accurate and convenient for them to design the route after marking the attractions one by one on the paper map.

"It feels like the old days are back, and you can't go home empty-handed this time." Mr. Song said that when he first came to Beijing, he came to the Temple of Earth every year to visit the book market, which was a bit like visiting a temple fair during the New Year. This time, he came to walk around and saw that there were many books in the book market that he wanted to buy were between 2 and 5 discounts, and the lowest was 1 discount.

While walking, buying, in half an hour, the car pulled by Mr. Song was full.

Mr. Chen, an 82-year-old book lover who came to shop for books early in the morning, brought a small school bag and pushed a cart to pull his wife to choose books together.

"I came this time to buy some bestsellers and books for children's college entrance examinations." Mr. Chen said, "Every time I go to choose a book, the staff will be afraid that I will be too crowded, and walk in front of me to settle the bill, and this year there are maps and clear zoning, it is very convenient to visit the book market and shop for good books." (Beijing Daily client reporter Huang Pinchao)