Changsha, September 9 (Xu Zhixiong, Ji Wenting, Wang Luman) "The camera entered my hometown, and the feeling of national unity penetrated deep into my heart. In the "Red Pomegranate Blossom" theme group class of Hunan Industrial Vocational and Technical College, the documentary "Red Pomegranate Blossom" filmed by the school's "Red Pomegranate" research group resonated with the Communist Youth League members and students of all nationalities.

The family of Ayinul Umal, the protagonist of the documentary "Red Pomegranate Blossoms". Screenshot of the video

"As the first Communist Party member in the village, my grandfather taught us from an early age that 'the Communist Party is like the sun, shining wherever it shines', so after graduating from high school, I applied for a school in Hunan Province, and my first stop was to come to the hometown of a great man I admired for a long time." The protagonist of the video is Ayinul Wumar, a student of Hunan Industrial Vocational Institute. In the film, as a student of ethnic minorities from Xinjiang, she tells the touching story of three generations of her family forging an indissoluble bond with communists.

Ayinul Umar said that her mother had a difficult birth during childbirth, and it was the cadres who aided Xinjiang who sent her to the hospital in time, and it was only after the full rescue of Xinjiang doctors that she was out of danger. Her sister was influenced by doctors in Xinjiang and became a life-saving medical worker after graduation.

"The video reflects the 'two-way rush' in the sense of community of the Chinese nation between the two places from a small perspective." Ayinul Wumar introduced that "Red Pomegranate Blossoms" was filmed by students who crossed 3279,<> kilometers to red education bases such as Shanshan, Turpan City, Xinjiang, Ximen Village of Xincheng, Gaochang District, and Hunan Xinjiang Aid History Exhibition Hall, and formed a social practice research report on the effectiveness of Hunan red culture in Xinjiang.

Students watch the documentary "Pomegranate Blossoms". Photo by Ji Wenting

In the group class, He Jing, a teacher of Hunan Industrial Vocational Institute who assisted Xinjiang, also talked about the experience of his husband and wife taking their children to help Xinjiang. Students of various ethnic groups such as Miao, Tujia, Uyghur, and Tibetan have also formed "pairs" to help each other from life, study to psychology. (End)